“Onmyoji” Anime Episode 8 Recap: Viewers are still reeling from Episode 7’s cliffhanger and the enigmatic demon that appeared. The suspenseful scene also had Hiromasa on edge, as Seimei collapsed. Now it’s time to continue the story. Our recap for Episodes 1-7 is available, and we’re moving ahead to Episode 8, “The Fox’s Child.”

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing story of Lord Seimei. The episode starts with three boys chasing after Seimei, who’s also known as the fox child due to his unique tail. But before things get out of hand, a master intervenes to save Seimei, and the show’s intro kicks off.

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Continuing from Episode 7, the next segment begins with the group taking Seimei to the doctor to receive treatment. The doctor reveals that Seimei fell unconscious due to a Sekisuko Demon. Seimei experiences flashbacks from his past and trembles throughout the treatment.
As Princess began reciting the incantation to save Lord Seimei, the doctor informed her that it would be a challenging task. Hiromasa, on the other hand, read Seimei’s condition as well as his state of mind after touching him. It was evident that Seimei had a troubled past that made him physically weaker.

In bygone times, Seimei was known as the Fox Boy, a detail he shared with Lord Atsumi in the previous episode. His father, a village master, offered instruction in magic spells, attracting numerous children. During an earlier incident, Seimei found himself in a confrontation with a demon. Seated with a classmate at the time, the encounter took a horrifying turn when the demon devoured his companion.
Amidst the demon battle, Seimei emerged as the only surviving child. Seimei’s master imparted wise words that still resonate: “Everyone has their own darkness.”

Seimei dedicated his life to combatting demons by constantly honing his skills. Despite his best efforts, he felt that he could never fully repay his master for all that he had done. Tragically, his master fell victim to a deadly curse inflicted by his own son. The son, desperate for a solution, implored Seimei to use his powers to strengthen his child. However, Seimei refused to be complicit in such a troubling situation.
In the dead of night, an attempt on Seimei’s life is made by an unknown assailant. After much investigation, Seimei learns that it was Lord Masanaga who ordered the attack because he was upset that Seimei didn’t assist him. This incident sheds light on how Seimei came to create the two girls who reside with him; they were brought to life using a magical spell.

During Seimei and Hiromasa’s initial meeting, Hiromasa became overwhelmed with emotions. He was in tears, and it impacted Seimei’s ability to cope with the situation. Breathing became a challenge for Seimei as a result.

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During his outdoor excursion, Hiromasa encounters Lord Doman (Demon) who agrees to assist Seimei. Hiromasa begins playing his flute while Doman and Atsumi offer their support through prayer. Despite this, Seimei remains apprehensive and fearful as the episode draws to a close.


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