Serhat In Kubra Character Explained: “Kubra” is an eight-episode Netflix original that blends the elements of mystery, thriller and drama with a religious plot. The story follows Gokhan, an ex-military man, who receives a message from Kubra, an unknown entity which he believes to be Allah. This inspires him to establish a foundation to assist people in need. However, as his influence grows, certain individuals within the government begin to work against him.

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Character Profile: Serhat

Serhat is a former military officer and long-time friend of Gokhan. He is portrayed by Turkish actor Aytek Sayan, who is best known for his impressive performances in Kuzgun (2019), 46 Yok Olan (2016), and Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean (2021). Sayan brings his own unique style to each role and is highly skilled at portraying complex characters.

However, Serhat’s character is flawed. He is an alcoholic and drug addict who struggles to maintain control over his vices. His father, Hamit, owns the shop where Gokhan works, but Serhat is too lazy to hold down a job or respect his father’s wishes. Hamit constantly searches for his son, who is known to wander off without notice. Despite his shortcomings, Serhat is a complex character that adds depth and intrigue to the story.

Serhat’s Betrayals: A Recap of His Actions

Serhat is a member of the Ormancilar football team, but he has a dark side. At a team dinner sponsored by Gokhan, Serhat revealed that he knew a lot about Gokhan’s personal life, including his financial troubles and his father’s recent sale of their shop. Despite his father’s love for him, Serhat doesn’t reciprocate that love.

Serhat has betrayed Gokhan on multiple occasions. He took a shirt with Gokhan’s blood on it and gave it to the police to protect himself and Gulcan from arrest. He also betrayed Gokhan by falling in love with his sister Gulcan and working with the police against him. Throughout the series, Serhat has even encouraged Gokhan to drink alcohol, despite his objections.

Aytek Sayan As Serhat In Kubra

Serhat’s portrayal of Aytek Sayan, a drug addict, was remarkable. His character was an essential part of the series, with Serhat consistently delivering a powerful performance. Aytek is portrayed as an individual who doesn’t believe in the miracles of Allah that Gokhan claims to possess, yet he insists that Gokhan is truthful. Despite his shortcomings, Serhat’s character continues to trust Gokhan.

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