Since The Red Moon Appeared Episode 1 Recap: “The Red Moon” is a new, highly anticipated anime series that has recently been released, with only two episodes currently available. Luckily, the show is available with English subtitles. We’re here to give you a summary of the first two episodes, along with news about when to expect the next ones. Let’s start with the first episode recap.

The first episode begins with a flashback from 35 years ago. The scene turns red, and suddenly 70% of the human population vanishes. Following this dramatic opening comes an outstanding recap of the show. The graphics are top-notch, and the background music perfectly complements the visuals.

The episode opens with an inspector disembarking from a metro train at a bustling subway station. The story then shifts to a man speaking with his sister on the street. Interestingly, the sister possesses supernatural abilities that enable her to become invisible at will. She expresses a desire for a stuffed animal, but her brother cannot afford to purchase one for her. Playfully, she begins using her powers to bother him until he relents and buys her a teddy bear.

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A man walks into a beautiful store in Qinggang City and a sense of unease creeps up on him. Unbeknownst to him, he is being followed. Later on, he boards a train alone and begins to experience strange visuals from the store, particularly of the sales girl who now appears to be quite terrifying. He senses that something strange was lurking in his coffee. Fortunately, his sister bestows him with temporary superpowers to help him combat these strange visions.

It wasn’t just a visual; it was a reality. Following the disappearance of humans, those left behind transformed into monsters – including the protagonist’s sister, who has now gained supernatural abilities as a result.

As the man battled the ferocious monsters, he knew that the next train was quickly approaching. He realized that he couldn’t let any innocent bystanders get caught up in the chaos, so he made the difficult decision to end the fight quickly and decisively.

Episode 1 Conclusion: Aided by his sister, Mr. Lu emerges victorious from the intense battle. As they begin their journey home, a mysterious girl from the tracking party approaches and beckons him to join her in the car.


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