Since The Red Moon Appeared Episode 2 Recap: “The Red Moon,” an ongoing anime fantasy mystery series that has recently been released. The show is currently available to stream in its original audio with ESubs and English subtitles, including the first two episodes. If you missed the first one, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Check out our website for a recap.

The first episode concludes on a cliffhanger as a young woman appears and instructs Lu to enter her vehicle. In the opening of Episode 2, it is revealed that she is the same person who narrated that the red moon caused people to mutate into monsters. Furthermore, she explains that the coffee shop owner, who was previously defeated, had infected numerous people through his coffee.

Previous Episode: Since The Red Moon Appeared Episode 1 Summary

Even the Special Operations Teams are fighting against the monsters. According to a recent report, a member of the team met an uninfected person after a long time. This rare occurrence is referred to as mental pollution.

During their conversation, she informed Lu that they had been monitoring his actions and offered him a significant sum of money in exchange for his help. She also mentioned that he had passed their test and was not infected.

She invited Lu to join them, promising him more money and a willingness to fulfill his every demand. Lu, however, attributed his abilities to his sister and began to speak about his family. She then asked if he had control over his family, to which Lu replied affirmatively.

Lu Xin’s sister was overjoyed when they received some money. Lu encouraged her to buy whatever she wanted, so they went to a soft toy store and picked out several toys. However, on their way back home, his sister became furious with him. Upon their arrival, Lu’s parents were fighting vehemently. Lu’s sister, Shi Qi, was present during the quarrel. Later that day, Lu went to work only to be fired by his director, forcing him to leave the office in distress.

Shi Qi vowed to teach their boss a lesson, leading to Lu making a phone call. Afterward, the boss began to treat Lu better and even assigned them a major project. Lu’s problem was resolved thanks to a new colleague who recently joined the team.

In the show’s second episode, a character reveals that there have been 7-8 ongoing murder cases linked to Sifang Transportation Company. It is also suspected that they are responsible for mental pollution. As a result, the protagonist, Lu, has been assigned the project. The episode ends with the introduction of a new character with big hair who shoots a woman.


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