Soujirou In ‘Ishura’ Character Explained: “Ishura,” the Dark Fantasy Anime Drama Series, presented by Disney Plus Hotstar. Based on the manga of the same name, the first episode is now available for streaming on Hotstar, with new episodes airing weekly.

In the pilot episode, we were introduced to the main hero, “Soujirou,” also known as the Willow Sword. As audiences clamor for more information about this enigmatic character, we will delve into his backstory and reveal the talented voice actor behind the role.

Before diving into the discussion, let’s briefly explore the anime’s plot. Following the defeat of the Demon King, the show’s formidable heroes from various regions band together in a fierce competition to establish the strongest among them.

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Also known as Soujirou Yagyuu, he is the last surviving member of the Yagyuu Shinkage-Ryu. He hails from a faraway land and possesses an unshakable faith in his swordsmanship. Widely regarded as the greatest swordsman, he made a grand entrance to the rescue of Yuno, who was overwhelmed by a horde of demons while battling a Robot Demon. Soujirou’s immense power allowed him to slay the Giant Labyrinth Golem with ease, securing a decisive victory and winning the admiration of all who witnessed his incredible skill.

He inquired about Word Arts from Yuno but soon realized he couldn’t harness its power. Being from another world, Soujirou was limited to using only his sword. Witnessing Yuno’s abilities, she grew resentful of him, leading her to invite Soujirou to accompany her to Aureatia City. Unbeknownst to Soujirou, Yuno harbored plans to eliminate him with the assistance of someone more formidable amidst the intense competition. Despite understanding her intentions, Soujirou chose to remain silent and agreed to join her. The unfolding events will reveal the surprises that await them.

The talented voice artist, actor, and singer Yuki Kaji lent his voice to the character of Soujirou in the series. The 38-year-old artist is well-known for his work in various anime series, such as “Hellsing Ultimate,” “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh,” “One Piece – Red Film,” “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission,” and most notably, “Attack on Titan,” where he voiced “Eren Yeager.”

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If you’re curious about the character Soujirou and the voice actor who brings him to life, look no further. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. You can catch the first episode of “Ishura” on Disney Plus Hotstar, complete with Japanese dialogue and subtitles.


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