The Daily Life of the Immortal King 4 Episode 3 Recap: For those who have been eagerly waiting, the fourth season of “The Daily Life of The Immortal King” is finally here! If you’ve missed the previous seasons, don’t worry, we’ll be providing a special recap and explanation of all episodes. You can stream the episodes right now in their original audio format with ESubs (English subtitles). Enjoy!

The episode begins with the followers collectively pondering something significant. The following scene is set at school, where Teacher Wang is seen watching TV and discussing the value of physical art with a colleague.

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Out of nowhere, the sensei who appeared in the first episode walks into the staff room and inquires, “Do you require a physical art teacher?” His presence is specifically for Wang, the true swordsman.

Wang looked out his window and noticed that his class had begun. The teacher arrived and announced a surprise quiz, but Wang’s mind was elsewhere. He was preoccupied with Froggy 2’s warning about the impending arrival of the champion seeking revenge, and was searching for Wang.

The students were thrilled to meet Master Yi, who demonstrated their powers to them. The students were impressed by his skills, and their predictions that he was a hidden master were confirmed.

Teacher Pan was bombarded by students demanding special permission for a class. After endless pestering, she finally agreed. That’s when Master Yi’s special class began. First up was Student Chen, who showcased his own special abilities. Not to be outdone, Wang took the field and threw the ball so far that it returned from a distance.

A Conversation Between Teacher Wang and Yi About Student Yang Concludes in The Daily Life of the Immortal King 4 Episode 3.

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