The Daily Life of the Immortal King 4 Episode 4 Recap: Fans of “The Daily Life of The Immortal King” can now enjoy the show’s fourth season, featuring four new episodes in Japanese with English subtitles. To stay updated, follow our recaps of each episode. We’ve already covered the previous episodes, so let’s dive into the fourth one.

At the start of the episode, Wang exhibits a newfound ability with his hand. Meanwhile, Qing Jiao is nowhere to be found, and there are rumors circulating that he may be gone for good after being struck by a ball.

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Froggy 2 inquired about Wang’s activities and discovered that he was experimenting with some new spells. The next day, Teacher Wang discussed the spiritual veins of the Earth with his class, but Student Chen had some reservations about the concept.

As the class came to a close, the snow began to fall outside the window – an unusual occurrence for the month of June. Teacher Yi and Wang were in deep discussion about the next swordsman, while observant student Wang picked up on the tension in the air. Meanwhile, student Chen couldn’t resist the playful snow and started to build a snowman. Before long, Rong and the rest of the students joined in the fun, laughing and throwing snowballs with delight.

The students were having fun building snow sculptures, but the weather started to change. The temperature rose, and the students had to go back to their elite class. Monitor Chen’s hand got frozen, which was strange. Meanwhile, Teacher Yi was still on the hunt for his successor, Sword Saint. But none of the students could open the door, and the cold was becoming unbearable.

Without warning, the temperature rose dramatically. A follower had arrived on Earth, wielding a frigid blade, and had vowed to destroy the faction. However, Student Wang, an immortal swordsman, intervened and shattered the icy barriers with ease. Thanks to his efforts, everything returned to normal.

As Master Yi pondered over the identity of Xue Hu’s killer, he realized that the deceased was among the Four Emblems Faction, a group of notorious fugitives. The individual responsible for his death had successfully evaded the authorities for quite some time. However, with Xue Hu’s demise, the culprit’s freedom was soon to come to an end. And with that, Episode 4 came to a close.


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