The Foolish Angel Dances With The Devil Episode 1: “The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil” is a new and ongoing anime romance series that’s currently streaming. The series has only one episode that’s available in Japanese with English subtitles. We will be releasing a weekly episode-by-episode recap of the show.

In episode 1, a young man expresses his affection for a girl he likes, and the two share a moment of eye contact before the opening credits roll.

Introducing Akutsu Masatora Kun: The School Scenario

As the story begins to unfold, a new student named Akutsu Masatora Kun arrives in the classroom. He has a fully shaved head, which he lost at a young age. Although he shares that his life hasn’t been easy thus far, he harbors secret plans for the future.

The Foolish Angel Dances With The Devil Episode 1 Recap
The Foolish Angel Dances With The Devil Episode 1

But there’s a twist: the shaved head is a facade. Akutsu Masatora Kun is actually donning a wig to conceal his full head of hair. He’s immediately taken aback by a girl named Lily Chan, whom he finds himself enamored with. His thoughts are consumed by her, imagining her in every moment.

Lily Chan is pursued by another student named Hirota, who ultimately gets rejected. Akutsu and Hirota eventually become friends, with Hirota sharing that he’s been turned down by Lily Chan five times already. He warns Akutsu to be prepared for the same fate.

An Unlikely Encounter: Akutsu and Lily Chan

Akutsu is pondering ways to get closer to Lily Chan, but their first meeting is far from what he expected. On their way home, a reckless driver nearly hits them, but Akutsu saves Lily in the nick of time. However, Akutsu isn’t human, and his eyes give him away.

Lily confronts him about his identity, and after some reluctance, Akutsu admits that he is a demon. He implores her to keep his true nature a secret, explaining that his world in hell is under attack from angels.

In need of help, Akutsu turns to Lily, but things take a surprising turn when she reveals that she is actually an angel, a servant of heaven. Akutsu is taken aback by this revelation, feeling both embarrassed and conflicted.

Amane tells Akutsu about what she was doing before meeting him; she was fighting a demon. Akutsu evolves into his demon form, and both of them start a fight in the park.

Lily extends an offer to Akutsu, promising to spare him if he discloses his evil intentions. However, instead of erasing him, she decides to spare him and keep a close eye on his every move. This means that Akutsu is now under Amane Lily’s supervision and scrutiny.

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Akutsu has agreed to cooperate with her, and as a sign of their agreement, she has placed a bright pink collar around his neck, which she locks tightly. By wearing this collar, he will be unable to return to hell. And with that, The Foolish Angel Dances With The Devil Episode 1 comes to a close.


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