The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Episode 1 Originally Titled Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata Episode 1 Recap: “Chiyu Mahou No Machigatta Tsukaika” is a Japanese fantasy action-adventure series that has recently been adapted from a manga series. For anime fans, we will be publishing a detailed episode-by-episode recap.

In the first episode, the story begins with a couple, both serving as school council presidents, walking down the school corridor. The girl’s name is Inukami Suzune, while the boy’s name is Rysuzen Kazauki. Along the way, numerous characters introduce themselves, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The Unexpected Journey Begins

As the rain poured outside and the school was about to close, a student named Usato realized that his umbrella was missing. Fortunately, Ryseun, one of the most popular students in school, offered him his umbrella. Suzune then inquired about Usato’s future plans, but he didn’t have any special plans.

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Episode 1

On their way home, they suddenly heard strange noises and a golden portal appeared before them, transporting them to another place. Upon arrival, Suzune was filled with excitement as they looked around in disbelief. The king of the kingdom they found themselves in tasked them with becoming heroes to save the kingdom, but he was unable to send them back. This made Kazauki angry, and he lashed out at King Lloyd.

A Tale of Magic and Mystery

Following a conversation with Lloyd, the group joined the king’s army on a quest to find a powerful blue crystal ball. Suzume was ecstatic at the prospect of experiencing its power, as was everyone else. Each member possessed unique abilities, but they would learn more about them only after touching the crystal ball.

Usato Sama possessed extraordinary powers that surprised everyone in the kingdom. Upon discovering them, the king was overjoyed.

Soon after, a member of the king’s rescue squad, Rose, arrived in the kingdom. She took Usato Sama with her, attacking him in the process. Rose informed the king that she would transform Usato into a healer, leaving his friends in shock.

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Usato was feeling nervous while at Rose’s place. In the first episode, Rose leaves Usato with the guards for training, and the The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Episode 1 ends.


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