Tourist Places In Faridabad Haryana- In 1607 A.D., Sheikh Farid – treasurer of Jahangir – founded Faridabad to safeguard the highway that ran through the town. The ruins of the fort, tank, and mosque that he built can still be seen today. The Ballabgarh ruler later held a pargana in jagir here. On 15th August 1979, Faridabad became the 12th district of Haryana.

Nowadays, Faridabad is a significant industrial center in Haryana. The town is famous for its production of henna in the agricultural sector. Tractors, motorcycles, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes, tyres, and garments are among its primary industrial products.

Faridabad is a city that has successfully merged its rich cultural heritage with modern architecture. As one of the major industrial hubs in the National Capital Region (NCR), Faridabad has evolved into a vibrant destination for tourists, offering a diverse range of experiences. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the myriad of tourist places in Faridabad, including historical gems, cultural landmarks, and contemporary hotspots.

Faridabad At A Glance

Location: Situated just 25 kilometers from Delhi, Faridabad is surrounded by the National Capital to the north, Gurgaon district to the west, Palwal district to the south, and the state of Uttar Pradesh to the east. The district is bisected by the Delhi-Mathura National Highway No.2 (SherShah Suri Marg), with a railway station located on the Delhi-Mathura broad-gauge line of the Indian Railway.

Linking Road: The Delhi-Agra National Highway No.2 (SherShah Suri Marg) also traverses the center of the district, with Faridabad situated on both sides of the highway.

How To Reach Faridabad

By Air: Indira Gandhi International Airport, located 40 km from the city center, is the primary airport serving Faridabad. It has separate domestic and international terminals and offers daily flights to all major cities of India and abroad. For more information, reach out to the airport or your preferred airline.

By Rail: Faridabad, a satellite town of Haryana in NCR adjacent to Delhi, is situated on the Delhi-Agra-Gwalior highway. It is connected with high-speed Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains or Express trains to all major cities of India. It has its own railway station, in addition to its proximity to the Nizamuddin Railway Station, New Delhi Railway Station, and Old Delhi Railway Station. Faridabad is well-connected to major parts of Delhi/NCR up to Delhi-Faridabad border through Metro Rail.

For Metro rail inquiries, please call 155370128128.

By Bus: Faridabad has a bus terminal and is also close to the ISBT, New Delhi. Frequent services are available along Faridabad-Delhi-Ambala-Chandigarh/Amritsar/Shimla route, Delhi-Faridabad-Mathura-Agra route and Faridabad-Delhi-Gurgaon-Jaipur route. Additionally, Haryana Roadways Volvo makes a stopover and passes through Karnal.

Must-Visit Tourist Places In Faridabad

Anandpur Bandh (Dam)

The Anang Dam, dating back to the eleventh century AD and attributed to the Tomar dynasty’s Anangpal, is located approximately 2 kilometers southwest of Surajkund. It features battered walls on the east and steps on the west, with angular flaked steps on the northern and southern ends. The dam is 19.8 meters high, and the west steps rise to a height of over 27.43 meters to the east. It is 101.2 meters long, and seven drainage channels run through the dam’s thickness at varying depths to maintain the appropriate water levels. The stair steps are constructed of ashlar block stone laid in lime, although they have the appearance of a rubble core.

tourist places in faridabad - anandpur dam


Surajkund, which translates to “Lake of the Sun,” is an artificial Kund that rests amidst the picturesque beauty of the Aravalli hills. Built in the 10th century by the Tomar king Suraj Pal, the Kund features an amphitheatre-shaped embankment constructed in a semicircular form. The western bank of the Kund is home to the ruins of a Sun temple, a testament to the Tomar dynasty’s sun-worshipping traditions.

tourist places in faridabad - surajkund

If you’re searching for an ideal picnic spot, Surajkund is just 8 km away from South Delhi. The complex includes a beautifully designed garden and a pool called Siddha Kund, making it a perfect getaway for a day trip.

Aravalli Golf Course

Owned and operated by Haryana Tourism, the Aravalli Golf Course takes its name from the world’s oldest mountain range, the Aravallis, that stretches through Haryana. This unique geological feature, with its ancient history, only adds to its magnificence.

Established in 1966, Aravalli Golf Course was the first golf green to be laid in Faridabad. The building was designed by renowned architect Joseph Allan Stein, while the course design was laid by Stephan Kay, a famous golf architect from the USA. Haryana Tourism assumed ownership of the golf course in 1988 and employed Stephan Kay to re-design it. The course now has 12 holes and covers 75 acres.

aravalli golf course

In addition to golfing, the course offers billiards, six luxurious rooms, and a committee room. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a night’s stay amidst the lush greenery, only 30 km away from Delhi, and tee off early in the morning.

Gymkhana Club

Nestled in serene surroundings, Gymkhana Club is the perfect place to unwind and have fun. With a swimming pool, well-equipped gymnasium, tennis and badminton courts, as well as a billiard room, there’s something for everyone.

gymkhana club faridabad

Rose Garden : Tourist Places In Faridabad

Faridabad is home to two stunning rose gardens, each offering a unique attraction. One is situated in Sector 17, while the other is located adjacent to the Nahar Singh Stadium. Both gardens boast a diverse array of vibrantly colored roses that are sure to captivate visitors.

rose garden in faridabad

Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium

The Nahar Singh cricket stadium, established in 1981, has had the privilege of hosting several international and domestic cricket matches. With a seating capacity of 25,000, this stadium is known for its ultra-modern facilities and is one of the most impressive stadiums in northern India.

nahar singh cricket statium in faridabad

Surajkund (a masonry tank)

Surajkund, a water tank shaped like a Roman amphitheatre, was likely built by Surajpal, a bardic tradition king during the pre-Islamic era. This Hindu architectural masterpiece is shaped like a rising sun, with a bed diameter of approximately 130 meters. Interestingly, remnants found at the site suggest the possibility that a Sun temple once stood at the same location.

surajkund water tank in faridabad

Mughal Bridge

During Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s reign, it was noted in his memoirs that he ordered the construction of large or small, yet convenient, bridges at every river passage to ensure that travelers were able to continue their journey without any hindrance. This bridge, one of many constructed during his reign, is made of stone and features robust and structurally sound arches. The piers of the central arch have been fortified with buttresses, and their location is marked by four small minars with domed tops.

mughal bridge in faridabad

Nahar Singh Palace

Dating back to the 18th century AD, this immaculately preserved palace once belonged to the legendary Raja Nahar Singh. His ancestor, Rao Balram, began building the earliest sections of the palace in 1739. Construction continued in stages until approximately 1850. Despite the urban centers that have sprung up around it, the palace’s elegance never ceases to amaze its visitors. This heritage property offers well-appointed rooms and other amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

nahar singh palace in faridabad

Dhyankaksh : Tourist Places In Faridabad

Dhyan-Kaksh is a unique establishment that offers a systematic process of meditation and teaches the science of inner dimensions. It is a symbol of the Golden Era, Satyug and a source of pride for humanity. The Satyug Darshan Trust inaugurated Dhyan-Kaksh in its Vasundhara campus on 26th January 2014. It’s located just 18 km south of Delhi and is an ideal spiritual destination. Entrance is free, and there is no discrimination based on religion, caste, creed, socio-economic status, gender, or skin colour. Before entering Dhyan-Kaksh, visitors pass through seven larger-than-life gates, each symbolizing a human value: contentment, endurance, truthfulness, righteousness, equality, selflessness, and benevolence.

tourist places in faridabad - dhyankaksh

Final Words:

Faridabad is a city that offers a unique blend of historical charm, cultural richness, and modern attractions. The Raja Nahar Singh Palace provides a glimpse into the city’s past while ISKCON offers spiritual respite for those seeking it. Additionally, the city’s serene lakes and parks present an opportunity for rest and relaxation. Faridabad is not only an industrial hub but a cultural and recreational hotspot waiting to be explored. Whatever your interests, Faridabad is a destination that caters to all types of travelers. I hope you find this post informative about Tourist Places In Faridabad. Please son’t forget to share it on social media.

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