Tourist Places in Fatehabad Haryana: Fatehabad, an ancient town founded in the 14th century by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, was named after his son Fateh Khan. This region was once part of the Nanda, Mauryan, and Kushan empires. It is believed that Chandra Gupta Maurya received support from the Agroha people of this area during his war against the Greeks.

During the Mughal era, Fatehabad was considered one of the most significant kingdoms. A beautiful mosque called the Humayun Mosque in Fatehabad is believed to have been visited by the Mughal emperor after his defeat against Sher Shah Suri.

Fatehabad is also connected to the Harappan era, as evidenced by the well-constructed fort town. According to the Puranas, the district of Fatehabad was part of the Nanda empire. Ashokan pillars found in Fatehabad indicate that the district was also a part of the Mauryan empire.

Tucked away from the beaten path, Fatehabad is a small town that boasts a rich history, an intriguing cultural heritage, and picturesque landscapes. Despite being overshadowed by its more prominent counterparts, Fatehabad has its own unique charm that captivates travelers. In this blog, we will uncover the secrets of Fatehabad and explore the top tourist places in Fatehabad that make this town a hidden gem in Haryana.

Fatehabad At A Glance

Location: Fatehabad is located in the southwestern region of Haryana. It shares its borders with Punjab in the north, district Hisar in the south, district Jind in the east, and Rajasthan and district Sirsa in the west.

Linking Road: The town has excellent connectivity to Delhi, which is 208 km away, via the Delhi-Sirsa National Highway NH-10. This route passes through Rohtak, Hansi, and Hisar, making travel to Fatehabad a breeze.

How To Reach Fatehabad Haryana

If you’re looking to head to Fatehabad, there are two primary options for travel:

By Rail: Fatehabad district is well-connected via broad gauge railway line with Punjab, Delhi, and district Sirsa.

By Road: Fatehabad is located approximately 48km northwest of Hisar on the Delhi-Hisar-Sulemanki road. The district is connected through a network of metalled roads, which link all its villages and towns. National Highway No.-10 connects Fatehabad with Delhi and Punjab.

Best Tourist Places In Fatehabad Haryana

Humayun Mosque

Humayun’s mosque was constructed by the Mughal emperor Humayun (1529-1556 AD) on the site of the Lat erected by the Delhi Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq. The mosque features an oblong open courtyard, and a screen made of Lakhauri bricks is located to the west. The screen consists of a mihrab flanked by two arched recesses on either side. An inscription extolling the virtues of Emperor Humayun was discovered at the site.

humayun mosque - tourist places in fatehabad

Ancient Site of Banawali

Ancient Site of Banawali at village Banwali is on the dry bed of ancient river Sarasvati. This site was excavated by Dr. R.S.Bhist of Archaeological Survey of India.

ancient site of banwali in fatehabad

Ashok Pillar

Located at the heart of Fatehabad’s Idgah, the Ashok Pillar stands tall at approximately five meters in height and measures 1.90 meters in circumference at the base. While an Ashokan epigraph was previously engraved on the pillar, it was later removed and replaced with a Tughlaq inscription.

Ancient Site of Kunal

Shri J.S.Khatri and Shri M.Acharya of the Department of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Haryana discovered an ancient site located on the dry bed of Vedic River Sarasvati.

The first settlers built wattle-and-daub huts over large pits they dug up. They had knowledge of agriculture and animal domestication, as evidenced by the ceramic assemblage that bears a striking resemblance to the early-Harappan pottery found elsewhere.
The second sub-phase of settlement was characterized by the use of moulded mud-bricks for lining the dwelling pits. This feature is unique to the pre-Harappan era at Kalibangan (Rajasthan) and Banawali (Haryana).

ancient site of kunal in fatehabad

During the third and final phase, rectangular and square houses were constructed, and six pottery fabrics from the Pre-Harappan (early-Harappan) period found at Kalibanga. Several fanciful designs and shapes were also discovered. Moreover, eight square steatites, one circular steatite, two terracotta seals, and two shell seals were found, making this a momentous discovery.

Lat of Feroz Shah

Rising more than 6 meters tall, the Lat – or pillar – is believed to be a portion of one of Emperor Ashoka’s erected pillars, possibly located in Agroha or Hansi. Though the Ashokan epigraph was once engraved on the pillar, it was later chiseled off to make way for the Tughlaq inscription. The latter records the genealogy of Firoz Shah, featuring beautiful Tughra-Arabic characters carved in high relief. Today, the Lat stands at the heart of what appears to be an ancient, walled Idgah.

tourist places in fatehabad lat of feroz shah

Final Words:

Despite its relatively small size, Fatehabad has a lot to offer for the curious traveler. From ancient archaeological sites to spiritual retreats, this Haryana town presents a diverse range of experiences. Whether you’re a history aficionado, a nature lover, or a spiritual seeker, Fatehabad has something for everyone, making it an ideal destination off the beaten path. Plan your journey now, and let Fatehabad unveil its hidden charms to you. I hopw you find this post helpful abd get enough information about Tourist Places In Fatehabad Haryana.

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