Tourist Places In Palwal Haryana: Palwal, situated in the northern region of India, is recognized as the 21st district of Haryana State. Serving as the administrative headquarters of this district, Palwal city is strategically positioned approximately 60 kilometers away from Delhi along the Delhi-Mathura highway (NH-2). With a rich historical tapestry, Palwal holds significance in the earliest Aryan traditions, believed to be Apelava, a part of the Pandava kingdom of Indraprastha, later restored by Vikramaditya.

The nomenclature of Palwal finds its roots in the legend of a demon named “Palwasur” who once ruled this region during the era of the Pandavas. Balarama, the elder brother of Shri Krishna, defeated and vanquished Palwasur. In commemoration of this legendary event, Palwal hosts an annual festival known as “Baldev Chhat Ka Mela.” Adding to the cultural richness, there exists a temple dedicated to Balaram near Municipal Office Chowk, serving as a poignant reminder of this mythological tale.

Palwal may not seem like much from the outside, but it holds a wealth of treasures waiting to be discovered. Join us on this blog post as we take a closer look at the charming tourist places in palwal that make Palwal a destination worth exploring.

Palwal At A Glance

Locations: Palwal is 60 kms. from Delhi

Linking Roads: Located on the National Highway No. 2

How To Reach Palwal Haryana

By Air: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, is about 55 kms. from Palwal.

By Rail: Palwal is well-connected by rail on Delhi-Agra route. There are daily trains to Delhi, which connect to all parts of the country.

For Railway enquiry dial 139.

By Road: Palwal is well-connected to most major cities and the northern areas by road.

Best Tourist Places In Palwal Haryana

Raja Nahar Singh Fort, Ballabgarh

Today, visitors can again hear the echo of drums and trumpets within the walls of the Raja Nahar Singh Palace. With eager feet, they explore the beautifully maintained palace, which dates back to the 18th century AD and has been designated as a heritage property.

raja nahar singh  fort in palwal ballabgarh

The palace’s history is closely linked with India’s fight for independence. During the 1857 revolt, Raja Nahar Singh, the ruler of Ballabgarh, played a vital role in the struggle.

Roshan Chirag Tomb

One of the most significant landmarks in Palwal is the tomb of Saint Roshan Chirag. Constructed by the Saint himself, who collected stones from cart-bearers as contributions. The tomb stands on a raised square-shaped platform and has a spacious underground chamber where the Saint’s remains are believed to be buried.

Pandav Van

It is situated in Hodal city, a temple and a cave where it is presumed that Pandavas had stayed during the course of their exile.

pandav van Tourist Places In Palwal Haryana

Sati ka Talab

Hodal City boasts a stunning temple and pond, named Sati, where every January, a Mela is held. During this celebration, women pray to Devi Sati while men engage in various rural sports such as wrestling.

Sati ka talab Tourist Places In Palwal Haryana

Sayeed Sharif ki dargah

This dargah is situated in block Hathin of village Jalalpur. Many devotees visit this dargah.

sayeed sharif ki dargah

Baba Udasnath Mandir

Every year, a Mela is held in the village of Alavalpur to honor Baba Udasnath’s memory. The festivities include wrestling competitions that take place on the same day.

baba udasnath mandir

Panchvati Temple

Legend has it that the Pandavas spent their exile at this site, which later became home to a temple constructed in their honor.

panchvati temple in palwal

Dauji Mandir

Located in Banchari village, approximately 25 kilometers away from Palwal on GT Road, is the historic Dauji temple. This holy site is dedicated to Balram, the esteemed elder brother of Lord Krishna.

dauji mandir in palwal

Final Words

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, consider Palwal, a destination that’s often overlooked but offers a range of cultural and natural attractions. From ancient temples and mythological sites to golf courses and historical forts, Palwal has something for every type of traveler. Take a break from the usual travel spots and explore the uncharted beauty of Palwal – you won’t regret it!

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