10 Amazing Facts About Nature

10 Amazing Facts About Nature

There used to be extremely tall trees on earth 300 million years ago, before there were microbes.

Only on Earth can you find water in all three states—solid, liquid, and gas—in the whole solar system.

Rafflesia is the name of the biggest flower in the world.

As a carnivorous plant, the venus flytrap instantly consumes any insects or kit moths that land on it.

The sunflower plant leans constantly in the direction of the sun.

Because bees are essential to the production of grains, if all bees in the world were eradicated, the world would likewise come to an end.

Over 100 times each second, lightning hits the earth.

The dolphin fish always swims to the beach when it is sick or injured because it wants to avoid drowning.

Cockroaches may survive with their heads severed for several weeks.

Man is the only creature in the world who can sleep on his back

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