10 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

 10 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

According to the Indian Council of Social Science, people in India use mobile phones for about 6 hours in a day.

The world's first phone was sold in the US in 1983 and it costing around $4000.

Once upon a time, the Nokia 1100 phone used to be the best selling phone in the world.

About 250,000 different patents are used to make a Smartphone.

Cell phone is supposed to be the quickest developing business on the planet till date.

As per an examination, it has come to the front that more individuals passed on from taking selfies in 2015 than shark assaults.

The world's most costly phone was the iPhone 5, evaluated at US$15 million, as it was made of 135 grams of 24 grams of gold and had 600 white jewels in its frame.

In Malaysia it is legal that people can give talaq to their partner only through text message.

If we completely charge any  Apple's iPhone each day, it consumes $0.25 of power in a year.

People who use mobile more, they spend most of their time in social media and mobile games.

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