How Chhath Puja is Celebrated ?

Chhath is an ancient Hindu festival historically native to the Indian subcontinent, especially celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand

Prayers during Chhath Puja are dedicated to the solar deity, Surya, to show gratitude for the rewards of life on earth and to request the fulfillment of certain wishes.

The festival's patron goddess is Chhathi Maiya, who is also Lord Surya's sister and Devi Prakriti's sixth manifestation.

Chhath puja include refraining from taking holy baths, going without food or drink for a specific period of time (vrat), standing in water, and presenting prasad and arghya to the setting and rising sun.

Some worshippers stand in prostration as they make their way to the river's banks. According to environmentalists, the Chhath festival is one of the most environmentally friendly religious celebrations worldwide.

Every devotee does the same prasada and offerings. 

It is also widespread in locations with a diaspora and immigrants from those regions. 

Chhathi Maiya (or Chhathi Mata) protects the children from diseases and problems and gives them long lives and good health.

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