Luxury Experience  in India

Luxury Experience  in India

Desert Camp of Thar At this place, revel in  local entertainment, witness the traditions of Rajasthan and partake in the Indian Desert Safaris

HIimalayas Spa  the best spa hotel and resort, which is  repressed in amazing luxury & comfort.

Glamping in a Tiger Camp This place has an amazing tent system that offers tremendous luxury with the  views of wildlife species like deer, small jungle cats, tigers,  and many other species.

Balloon Riding you canenjoy the hot air  balloon ride that promises truly an incredible experience above the Pink city.

Floating Palace In Udaipur, the Lake Palace is also known as the Floating Palace  its feels like richness and exotic royalty.

Mhaharajas Express Ride  world’s leading luxury train called Maharajas’ Express is one of the most exciting things to do in India

Tree House Stay  No facilities in this house  like internet, television, or music are available to keep your stay as peaceful as possible without  any external disturbances.

Private Yacht in  Goa Yachts are reserved particularly to celebrate corporate occasions, parties, and different festivals like commemorations or birthday events