Take Care Messages For Boyfriend

Take Care Messages For Boyfriend

You are my one big support, and I cannot think of a second living without you. Stay safe, boyfriend.

May God bless the love of my life with good health. Please take care of yourself, dear boyfriend.

My superhero has to protect me from every danger. So, stay fit, strong, and healthy and take care of yourself.

You have to protect me from every bad guy, and for that, you need to be super fit. Please be on your guard, my king.

I hope you are taking good care of yourself; otherwise, I will kill you. Kidding. Please be safe.

The cops are on their way to take you into custody for stealing my heart. Just kidding! Stay safe and take care!

I must have been blinded by your love; there is nothing else I can think of apart from you.  I love you.

With you in my life, I am ready to conquer the world. You will always be the desire and king of my heart. I love you.

My boyfriend, here I am sending you the greetings and wishing you to have a good day. Take better care of yourself. I love you