Why Karva Chauth is Celebrated?

Why Karva Chauth is Celebrated?

There are different ancient legends related with the celebration of Karva Chauth.

These  stories talk about the sacrifices that ladies  have been making for their  husbands.

According to story, there was a beautiful queen by the name of Veervati.

She had seven brothers and was married to a  king.

 During the first year of her marriage, she observed her first Karva Chauth by observing a strict fast.

As the night drew closer, She started felling hunger and thirst.

Her brothers could not watch her suffer anymore and decided to do something about it.

They created a mirror with the pipal tree in their backyard and tricked Veervati into believing that the moon had risen.

She believed them and broke her fast. Unfortunately, news arrived that her beloved husband was dead. She started running towards her husband’s house.

 On the way, she is stopped by Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, who explain how her brothers tricked her.

Maa Parvati cuts off her own finger and gives Veervati a few drops of her own holy blood.

She instructs Veervati to be careful during her next fasts. Veervati sprinkles the holy blood on the dead body of her husband, who is then miraculously brought back to life.

In this way, Veervati was reunited with her husband due to her immense love, sacrifice and devotion. Thats why   all women  believe in Karwachauth.