What Happens to Younger Toguro?: Yu Yu Hakusho is a thrilling Japanese action-fantasy adventure TV series now streaming on Netflix. Based on the 1990-94 manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi, the show follows the story of Yusuke, trained by Master Genkai, as he battles the Younger Toguro, Yokai, in an epic showdown.

In the show, Toguro finally comes face-to-face with Genkai in the afterlife after their paths diverged for many years. The Toguro brothers, who turned into demons, appeared younger than Genkai. As Toguro transitions from the human world to Hell, he has a conversation with Genkai which is his redemption as he admits that he wants someone strong to defeat him once and for all.

Defeating the older Toguro proves to be an immense challenge, given his remarkable ability to reconnect his severed body parts. The task of taking him down might be as demanding as deciphering the cryptic end credits of the final episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. Despite the efforts, the older Toguro manages to cling to life. Notably, the Yukina rescue mission unfolds without Kurama engaging in a battle against Karasu or Hiei facing off against Bui.

Yusuke doesn’t manage to defeat Younger Toguro in their initial confrontation, and it’s Kuwabara’s technique that turns the tide. Unlike in the tournament, Sakyo doesn’t take his own life at this stage of the story. Yusuke, driven by the determination to rescue his friends, channels his powers into a decisive final spirit gun attack, ultimately obliterating Toguro’s body.

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Yusuke successfully rescues his friends with a powerful final spirit gun attack, annihilating Toguro’s physical form. In the aftermath, Toguro’s soul has a poignant reunion with Genkai for the last time, leading to a Dark Tournament adaptation that diverges significantly from the original source material. In the otherworld, Younger Toguro encounters Genkai after his demise, both appearing younger than Genkai, owing to their demonic status.


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