What IF Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: What If…? is an animated action-adventure anthology superhero drama series currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Created by A.C. Bradley, it is based on the Marvel Comics series and explores various alternate timelines in the multiverse of Marvel comics. The show predicts what would have happened if certain events had occurred.

This article will provide a thorough recap of Episode 3 of Season 2. The episode was written by Bryan Andrews and A. C. Bradley, and directed by Matthew Chauncey. Get ready for an in-depth analysis of all the events that took place in the show’s second episode.

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In the third episode of the second season, titled “What If… Happy Hogan Saved Christmas?”, the Avengers celebrate Christmas Eve with parties and festivities. The episode features Natasha playing Santa while Tony and Captain take on the roles of Santa and his elf.

On one hand, Happy and his assistant, Darcy, are busy decorating Stark Tower as Maria Hill joins in on the festivities. Meanwhile, Tony Stark’s archenemy, Justin Hammer, is devising a plan to hijack the entire tower and steal Iron Man’s armor and the Hulk’s blood.

We see that Justin returned with his men and hijacked the entire building by hacking Jarvis and Tony Stark’s armor suits. Where half Hulk and Hogan try to protect the Hulk’s blood where he communicates with Maria Hill through a walkie-talkie and moves through secret ducts.
While sneaking around, Happy catches two of Hammer’s henchmen attempting to break in. In a panicked sprint, he absconds with the Hulk’s blood. However, during a scuffle, Happy is mistakenly injected with the Hulk serum. Within moments, he witnesses his leg and then his entire body transforming into a giant, purple-colored Hulk-like figure.

In the meantime, Hammer’s men capture Maria Hill and attempt to intimidate her. Happy reaches out to the Avengers for assistance, and Hogan contacts Darcy to reboot Jarvis. During the process, Darcy successfully hacks Tony Stark’s Jarvis, but Hammer’s men apprehend her. Happy’s mission now involves saving Stark Tower from Hammer’s impending threat.

In the final scene, Hammer makes an attempt to harm the group, but Hammer intervenes and saves them. Tony then resolves the problem and restores Happy’s body to its original state. Meanwhile, Thor arrives at the rooftop of the Stark building, realizing he has missed the party. The episode concludes on this note.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Episode 3 of Season 2. We hope you find it informative and enjoyable. Let us know your thoughts on the show by leaving a comment in the box below.


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