What If Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: What If…? is a science fiction action-adventure animated superhero anthology drama series that marks Marvel’s first animated show. Created by A.C. Bradley and based on the Marvel Comics series, the show delves into alternate timelines within the multiverse. Through this unique lens, viewers get to see how major Marvel movie storylines would be different if certain events took another course.

In this article, I will be recapping episode 7 of season 2 of a show directed by Ryan Little and written by Bryan Andrews. I will provide a thorough summary of the plot and all the details that occurred in this episode.

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In this episode, we witness Hela’s story unfold as she becomes engrossed in Odin’s quest to conquer the Nine Realms. Hela attempts to defeat Odin using Mjolnir, but he ultimately strips her of her abilities and sends her plummeting to Midgard.

In this scenario, we observe that Hela’s helmet is damaged in China, and it is discovered by Wenwu and his associates. Hela becomes a captive under Wenwu’s control due to his avaricious intentions for a forced marriage. As the narrative unfolds, we witness a complex interplay of romance between Hela and Wenwu, with Hela eventually issuing a threat to his life.

The scene takes a dramatic turn as Hela attacks Wenwu and flees, accompanied by Morris and Ta Lo, the faceless flying creature from Shanghai-Chi. Hela’s journey from Wenwu’s stronghold to Ta Lo is breathtaking, as the landscape is filled with stunning natural beauty and soaring dragons.

Subsequently, Hela comes to the realization that her yearning for power is, in truth, a quest for freedom. She discovers that she has perennially existed in Odin’s shadow, compelled to adhere to his directives. Just as this revelation unfolds, Odin makes a return to assert control over the Ten Rings. However, Hela and Wenwu unite, drawing upon Jiayi’s teachings to forge a formidable alliance.

In the concluding moments of the episode, Hela and Wenwu join forces to take down Odin and reclaim her helmet. Hela dons a striking white version of her Asgardian battle armor, and the two of them achieve a moment of peace in the world. They confront Thanos and prevent him from launching his balancing campaign, bringing the episode to a close.

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In this article, we’ll delve into the intricate details of episode 7 of season 2. If you’re a fan of the show, please let us know in the comments how much you enjoy it and your thoughts on the upcoming episode.


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