If you’re a fan of “The Pursuit Of Happyness,” you may be curious about the fate of Sherry Dyson, the character played by Thandie Newton. In this article, we explore what happened to Chris Gardner’s wife, Sherry Dyson.

When the film “The Pursuit of Happyness” was released, it left many viewers with lingering questions. The story of Chris Gardner’s perseverance and triumph over adversity resonated with audiences on a deep level. Although we will reveal the whereabouts of Gardner’s wife, our objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of their story.

Where is Chris Gardner’s wife? Is She Back With Chris?

Many of us have seen the movie In Pursuit of Happyness, which is based on the real-life story of Chris Gardner. He lifted himself from poverty and taught us all to believe in our dreams, no matter how difficult life gets. However, today we will be discussing Sherry Dyson, the wife of Chris Gardner. Although Gardner is best known as a writer and for his business ventures in the stock market and education, Dyson’s story is equally inspiring. Despite their age difference, the couple first met and connected over a movie date in 1971 where they watched The Summer Of ’42. This film was a touching romance about a teenage boy falling in love with an older woman and remains one of the most beautiful love stories to ever grace the big screen.

Initially, Sherry and Chris didn’t take their meetings too seriously, but they eventually fell in love and got married. Despite their strong connection, they had to endure long periods of being apart from each other. Unfortunately, after three years, they decided to divorce due to serious reasons. People often wonder about the whereabouts of Chris Gardner’s former spouse. However, it’s worth noting that Sherry Dyson passed away on April 7th, 2000, which was a few years after their separation. Coping with the divorce was tough for Sherry, and she eventually lost her battle with cancer at the age of 51. Although Chris got married again after the divorce, he was devastated to hear about Sherry’s passing. It’s a tragic end to a love story that started unexpectedly.

The Life Of Chris Gardner’s Wife – Sherry Dyson

While many may know Sherry Dyson as the supportive wife of Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness, there is much more to her than her on-screen portrayal. Sherry began her career as a mathematician and attended Morgan State University, where she obtained her degree in the subject. Her desire to become a respected mathematics teacher was fueled by her passion for the discipline, which was inspired by her mother’s profession as a school teacher. Sherry had a loving family and a comfortable home, but tragedy struck when she lost both her parents in an accident. Despite this devastating event, Sherry’s determination and strength helped her to persevere through life’s challenges.

Sherry Dyson

Later in her life, Sherry Dyson met a man named Chris Gardner. Initially, their relationship was casual, but as time passed, it grew more serious, and they eventually got married. Sherry and Chris faced many challenges, including homelessness and not being able to see each other daily. Gardner even spent $9,000 on phone bills, as recounted in his biography. Despite being a mother, Sherry was a great supporter of Chris. However, their happy marriage came to an unfortunate end after three years. According to Sherry, she discovered that Gardner was cheating, leading to the end of their marriage.

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The Pursuit Of Happyness: Movie Inspired By Chris Gardner’s Life

The book titled The Pursuit of Happyness, authored by Chris Gardner, serves as the inspiration for the movie with the same title. The story centers around Chris Gardner’s struggles to make an honest living. Starting as an investor, he invested most of his savings in a product called the Bone Density Scanner, which he believed was superior to X-Ray machines. Unfortunately, the product failed, causing him to lose everything – his money, his wife, and even his home.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

Despite being homeless and striving to provide for his son, Chris persevered, eventually landing a job as a stockbroker in a reputable firm. In the movie adaptation, Will Smith delivers an outstanding performance as Chris Gardner. Want to watch The Pursuit of Happyness? Check it out on Netflix!


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