Where Was F9: The Fast Saga Filmed – Fast and Furious, the iconic film franchise is a spectacle of exploding cars, familial patriarchs, and high-octane action. For over two decades, it has entertained millions of fans worldwide. The franchise has established an almost invincible bond with its fans, which is part of its adrenaline-fueled charm.

The ninth installment, F9: The Fast Saga, reinforces this bond by bringing back a quarter of the old cast. The energy and enigmatic personalities of Vin Diesel, John Cena, Tyrese Gibbon, and Michelle Rodriguez are a delight to watch. While known for spanning multiple cities and destroying dozens of cars, F9 has set new records. Join us as we take a deep dive into F9: The Fast Saga, starting with its filming location.

Where Was F9: The Fast Saga Filmed?

The Fast Saga isn’t just about fast cars and explosive action scenes; it’s also about traveling the world. The film starts in Los Angeles, California, but quickly moves to Tbilisi, Georgia, where some of the most memorable scenes were captured. Then, director Justin Lin takes the audience on a thrilling ride to England, where the majority of the high-octane sequences were filmed. Edinburgh and London were the primary shooting locations in England.

F9: The Fast Saga

The crew also ventured to Thailand, where they set up their base in Krabi, Pha-ngan, and Phuket. Lin chose the stunning landscape of Ban Nai Sa in Khao Thong to record a particular segment. The team also filmed an emotional scene at the Wat Nai Sa Temple before wrapping up.

Although it’s not confirmed, some reports suggest that Lin went to Germany to record fictional test sites. Even though Lin took the actors to the extremes, England remains its primary filming location. The shooting for F9: The Fast Saga ended in 2019, and the final editing took place at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, England.

F9: The Fast Saga Overview

F9: The Fast Saga is a sequel to the 2017 film, The Fate of the Furious. The movie follows the same route as its predecessors and is tied together by an unbreakable familial bond. At the core of the film is the story of Jack Toretto’s (J. D. Pardo) sons, Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Jakob (John Cena). Dom accuses Jakob of killing their father after Jack’s supposed death and banishes his brother from the town. This sparks a fierce rivalry between the siblings that serves as the central theme of the movie.

F9: The Fast Saga Overview

A couple of decades down the line, Dom has retired and is leading a quiet life, happily raising two kids alongside his wife, Letty Ortiz (played by Michelle Rodriguez). Meanwhile, Tej Parker (portrayed by Chris Bridges), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), and Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson) successfully apprehend the cyber terrorist, Cipher (Charlize Theron). However, their triumph is short-lived as Cipher is unexpectedly rescued by Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), leaving the entire state in astonishment.

The trio turns to Dom for assistance when they uncover Jakob’s connection with the enigmatic Mr. Nobody. Their primary objective revolves around taking down Project Aries, a cutting-edge device with the capability to hack into any computer weapons system. As the clash between Dom and Jakob unfolds, the entire Fast Saga clan, along with their extended family, becomes embroiled in the conflict.

F9: The Fast Saga

The subsequent part of the film unfolds through a series of jaw-dropping action sequences, intricately woven with the involvement of seasoned veterans. Following a classic narrative structure, the remaining scenes, particularly the cliffhanger involving Deckard and Han, set the stage for a sequel – Fast X, which premiered in May 2023.

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FAQs- Where Was F9: The Fast Saga Filmed?

If you’re wondering what F9: The Fast Saga is about, who directed it, where it was filmed, if it’s the last in the franchise, whether a trailer is available, and where to stream it, we have the answers to all your questions right here.

Q.1 What’s the Plot of F9: The Fast Saga Series?

The film is an action-packed thriller that revolves around the story of two brothers, Dom and Jakob, who become enemies.

Q.2 Who Directed F9: The Fast Saga Film?

Justin Lin directed the film.

Q.3 Where Was F9: The Fast Saga Filmed?

The movie was filmed in multiple locations, including Thailand, Britain, and the United States.

Q.4 Is F9: The Fast Saga the Final Film in the Franchise?

No, F9: The Fast Saga isn’t the last film in the franchise.

Q.5 Is There a Trailer Available For F9: The Fast Saga Film?

Yes, a trailer for the film is available.

Q.6 Where Can You Watch F9: The Fast Saga Film?

You can stream F9: The Fast Saga online on Netflix.


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