Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 1 Recap: Created by Akira Morii and Kazutaka Sakamoto for Netflix, YuYu Hakusho follows the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenager who gave his life to save a young boy from a truck accident. After receiving a second chance at life, Yusuke and his team work to safeguard the human world from demonic offenders as spirit detectives.

The episode commences with Urameshi Yusuke’s dead body being transported to the hospital following an accident. As Yukimura Keiko arrives, she discovers that Yusuke is having an out-of-body experience. A flashback from four hours before the incident reveals a roundworm monster escaping from the underworld while Yusuke and Keiko are still in school.

Yusuke is caught smoking on the rooftop and punished by the teacher. After his mother scolds him, he steps out for some fresh air. While walking down the street, he runs into his arch-nemesis Kuwabara Kazuma and his friends who attempt to attack him. Yusuke successfully defeats Kazuma and his friends, which only increases Kazuma’s anger. Later, Yusuke heads to Keiko’s ramen shop where he often eats after school.

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As Yusuke departs the restaurant, he witnesses a truck driver on the verge of colliding with a young child. Without thinking twice, he pushes the boy out of harm’s way, but ends up getting hit by the truck. The narrator reveals that in the past, the human and demon realms were intertwined and that Yokai would often launch attacks on humans.

Yusuke is informed by Botan that his strange behavior led to his unexpected death. Following this, he is transported to the Spirit World to meet Koenma, who offers him an unusual proposition: if Yusuke becomes a Spirit Detective, he will be reincarnated. Yusuke’s duty as a Spirit Detective is to prevent Yokai from infiltrating the human world.

Yusuke just can’t wrap his head around the fact that his mortal body is still kicking. Enter Sakyo, the big shot with a string of casinos, who decides to throw an investment proposal at Mr. Gonzo Tarukane. Now, Mr. Tarukane knows all about this creepy pit from which the roundworm monster sprung.

Meanwhile, Botan suggests something quite peculiar to Yusuke – pay a visit to his own funeral and take a peek into the minds of those mourning him. Strange, right?

The story follows a young boy named Yusuke, who is tormented by his classmates and faces a fire in his home caused by a roundworm monster. Kazuma and his friends witness the incident and become concerned. Yusuke is advised by Koenmo to possess his body and save his classmates from the monster. Yusuke heeds the advice and enters the house to rescue Kieko and fight the monster, which later transforms into a yokai.

After an intense struggle, Yusuke successfully exorcises the monster by utilizing his spirit energy, ultimately saving Kirino. To ensure the monster is defeated, Yusuke crushes it with his bare hands. As Kazuma regains consciousness, he sees Yusuke carrying Kirino home.

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In the morning, Yusuke’s mother and Keiko embrace him, overjoyed at his return. Meanwhile, Koenma is apprehensive about Yusuke’s upcoming battle against three formidable Yokai in the Spirit World. The episode concludes with these conflicting emotions.


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