Yuno In ‘Ishura’ Character Explained: “Ishura” is an exciting new anime series with twelve episodes that delve into the realm of dark fantasy. Fans of the manga will be thrilled to know that the show is based on the popular series of the same name. Keep an eye out for new episodes as they air weekly, starting with the first episode already released.

The first episode of “Nagan Labyrinth City” takes us on a journey through the titular location, and introduces us to one of its main characters – Yuno, also known as The Distant Talon. This article will delve into Yuno’s character and provide more information on the voice talent behind this compelling role.

Before diving into the discussion, let’s take a quick look at the background of this anime series. Following the defeat of the Demon King, several powerful heroes from various locations band together to determine who among them is the strongest.

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Yuno is a charming resident of Nagan Labyrinth City, who mastered the art of Word Arts. She enjoys a simple and beautiful life. While attending school, she met Lucelles, who shared her interest in Word Arts and began training with Yuno. Over time, Yuno found herself falling in love with Lucelles and dreaming of a future together. However, their peaceful lives were interrupted when a Huge Labyrinth Monster awakened, birthing millions of Robot Demons.

In the face of robots’ overwhelming power, ordinary people are defenseless and often lose their lives. Unfortunately, Lucelles is no exception. As Yuno watches her friend die, she feels completely shattered, believing that she will soon meet the same fate. Suddenly, Soujirou Yagyuu appears and rescues her from danger.

Yuno was living an ordinary life as a regular girl, never expecting to face a situation where robots were killing people and destroying her town. The traumatic event left her numb and longing for a simpler life, causing her to resent those with power who often misuse it. However, when Yuno meets Soujirou and witnesses his incredible strength, she is left speechless. In the end, she agrees to accompany him to Aureatia City.

Reina Ueda, the renowned Japanese voice actress and singer, lends her voice to the character of “Yuno” in the series. At 29 years old, Ueda is best known for her role as “Kanao” in the popular anime series “Demon Slayer.” In addition to this, she has also contributed her voice to other well-known series such as “Pokemon Sun & Moon” as “Mallow,” “Chainsaw Man” as “Reze,” and “Solo Leveling” as “Cha Hae-in.”

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Understanding Yuno’s character and persona should be more straightforward now. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.


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