Detective Forst Episode 1 Recap: Netflix’s Original Crime Thriller Series, Detective Forst (originally titled ‘Forst’), is now streaming with six episodes on Netflix. We will be providing a recap and summary of all episodes of the show. Here’s the recap and summary of episode 1 with an explanation.

The first episode of the show begins with an intimate scene where we see Forst getting physical with a woman named Agatha. Later on, we discover that Agatha was cheating on her husband, Edward, who happens to be a police officer. Forst works under him.

The episode opens with a gruesome scene, revealing a man’s body hanging from an electric tower. Detective Forst takes the lead on the case and discovers an old coin inside the victim’s mouth. However, he makes a careless statement to the media, which goes viral and prompts his superiors to assign Edward to keep an eye on him. Investigating further, they learn the victim’s name was Chalmaniak and he was brutally tortured and killed.

Detective Forst Episode 1 Recap
Detective Forst Episode 1

The next day, a similar murder occurs, but this time it’s a woman who is a historian. Another coin is found in her mouth, and Forst discovers that her phone was last seen at the Historical Society. When he goes to her home, he only finds her husband. The plot thickens as the investigation continues.

Forst and Szrebska enter the Historical Society and uncover old photographs depicting people who were killed in a similar manner. While they were searching for more information, a security guard appears and punches Forst. Szrebska quietly surrenders and the episode concludes.

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Interestingly, the guard is revealed to be the husband of the last victim. Overall, Detective Forst Episode 1 was a decent start and we’ll have more recaps for upcoming episodes.


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