“Society of the Snow” Full Summary: Follow the story of a group of 40 passengers and 5 crew members who are on board a plane that crashes into the Andean Mountain range. Only 16 passengers survive the crash and have to endure 71 days in the mountains in order to make it out alive. Witness their journey and ultimate triumph in this thrilling series.

This story of “Society of the Snow” follows the journey of a college rugby team that had gained immense popularity over the years. With their college life coming to an end, the team was eager for a final adventure. They decided to embark on a trip to Santiago de Chile, and at a budget-friendly price of just $45 per person. The story is narrated by Numa Turcatti, who recalls the trip until his last breath. Numa and his friends were ecstatic about the upcoming excursion, as it promised to be a thrilling experience with some female company. The rugby players, all under the age of 25, were filled with youthful energy and excitement.

The film portrays the incredible story of Numa Turcatti, Fernando “Nando” Parrado, Roberto Canessa, Javier Methol, Pancho, Gaston, Alexis Hounié, Enrique Platero, Felipe Maquirriain, Francisco Abal, and Captain General Carlos Páez, each of whom played a significant role in this gripping tale. The Andes Mountains are an awe-inspiring sight as the plane flies overhead, but beneath the beauty lies a chilling reality.

As the plane soared over the mountain range, passengers felt the initial turbulence caused by the collision of warm winds from the plains of Argentina and cold winds from the mountains. This created a suction effect that attracted planes to the area. However, the turbulence escalated quickly as the plane entered a blizzard, forcing the pilot to instruct everyone to tighten their seatbelts as the weather worsened. Despite the pilots’ efforts, the plane struggled to withstand the gusty winds. After escaping the storm, the plane encountered a massive mountain directly in front of them. The pilots pushed the frontal part of the plane’s body above the mountain with all their might, but didn’t realize the plane was flying at an altitude beyond its capabilities.

As the plane’s tail was destroyed by the nearby mountain range, it lost control and plummeted into the snowy mountains. The impact was catastrophic, resulting in the instantaneous death of most passengers, and severe injury for the remaining few. Some managed to escape the plane and find safety. One passenger even attempted to use the pilot’s radio for help, but to no avail – everything was damaged beyond repair. The survivors are left with nothing but their hope and the realization that the frigid nights could be their greatest threat, with temperatures dropping to a chilling 86 degrees. The cold is so intense that it could turn blood into ice.

Society of the Snow full summary

As everyone inches closer to surviving their first night, they emerge from the plain the next morning. However, the somber reality hits when it’s revealed that three of them didn’t make it – Pancho, Marcelo, and Martinez Lamas. Gaston, Daniel, Guido, and Alexis had also fallen from the plane the previous day. In the face of adversity, Numa continues to instill hope in them, urging everyone to search for the tail end of the plane containing vital batteries. The challenge lies in the vastness of the unknown territory.

The narrative unfolds through Numa’s perspective, and every time he loses hope, the sight of Nando, also known as Fernando Parrado, serves as a beacon of optimism. Nando believes that beyond the mountain, the Green Valley of Chile awaits them.

However, survival becomes a pressing issue as their last bit of food runs out. With no alternative, they grapple with the daunting decision to consume human flesh for sustenance. Despite the hesitancy and moral dilemma, they recognize that their primary goal is survival. Fito Strauch takes on the grim responsibility of selecting bodies, and others discreetly cut them, shielding the intense scenes from prying eyes. Those unable to partake in consuming flesh turn their gaze to the sky, searching for any signs of help in this harrowing situation.

Despite 66 search and rescue missions conducted over a period of 10 days and the efforts of 17 planes from the Chilean and Argentinian air forces, no survivors were found. With their hopes crushed, the search operation will resume next year. It’s a tragic situation, and their unwavering hope in the face of such adversity is a testament to their resilience.

The Ending: Society of the Snow

On December 11th, 1972, Numa passed away peacefully in his sleep. Though he had survived a harrowing ordeal, he ultimately succumbed to his injuries. Throughout the entire experience, Numa remained positive, encouraging his teammates to push forward and search for the batteries they needed. Sadly, it was an infection that claimed his life. Witnessing his friend’s death, Nando was inspired to embark on a journey to discover the valley of Chile – a testament to his unwavering determination.

Society of the Snow

Roberto Canessa and Fernando “Nando” Parrado embarked on a journey to find the “green” in the midst of an icy desert. Upon reaching the mountain’s peak, they were amazed to realize that they had only seen a mere 5% of the entire range.

Despite the vast, treacherous terrain ahead, Nando made an unwavering decision to refuse defeat and continue his journey alongside Canessa. They walked tirelessly through day and night, determined to find signs of life and hope in the midst of their dire circumstances. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they stumbled upon a valley where a gentle stream flowed – a sight that lifted their spirits and rekindled their hope. They encountered a cowboy, the first sign of life they’d seen in 10 days. With hope newly invigorated, they set their sights on rescuing the 14 individuals remaining in the wreckage. The arrival of reporters and rescue teams signaled the start of a new chapter in their journey to survive against all odds.

Survivors of the 1972 Andes plane crash rescue mission on December 22, 1972, were finally found after 71 days. Among the recovered individuals were Roberto Canessa, Gustavo Zerbino, Eduardo Strauch, Alvaro Mangino, Fernando Nando Parrado, Antonio Vizintin, Pedro Algorta, Alfredo Delgado, Roy Harley, Jose Luis Inciarte, Ramon Sabella, Javier Methol, Carlitos Miguel Páez, Roberto Francois, Daniel Fernandez, and Adolfo Strauch.

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After a long and difficult journey, the helicopter finally arrives, bringing a moment of joy and happiness to the stranded group. They are finally going home. The lonely and damaged plane stands in the middle of the white, snowy landscape, a reminder of their ordeal.

16 Survivors come back to their home from the Great Andean Mountain Range on 22 December 1972, The homecoming is overwhelming. Everybody is enjoying & wants to touch them. “Society of the Snow” is currently streaming now on Netflix with Hindi, English language along with subtitles.


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