What If Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: What If…? is a thrilling sci-fi animated anthology drama series created by A.C. Bradley, based on the Marvel Comics series. It’s also Marvel’s first animated series, exploring alternative timelines within the multiverse. The show offers a unique perspective, showcasing what would happen if major Marvel movie storylines unfolded differently.

In this article, you will find a detailed summary of episode 6 of season 2, which was written by Bryan Andrews and directed by A. C. Bradley. I will cover everything that happened in the episode, including the plot and summary.

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In the opening scenes, Kahhori and her brother Wahta venture into a restricted area near Colombian America. As they explore the surroundings, they stumble upon an ominous curse near the peaceful lake, which they quickly realize poses a great danger.

Encountering Danger: Kahhori’s Journey to the Sky World

Following that, Kahhori and her brother find themselves in harm’s way, leading Kahhori to follow an invisible protocol that takes her to a sky world. Here we see a realm in the midst of transformation via the power of Tesseract. It is in this world that Kahhori meets Atahrakes and learns about the blue light’s transformative impact on their existence.

Exploring the Cube’s Power and Kahhori’s Journey

In a later scene, the cube releases energy from the space stone, imbuing the lake with extraordinary abilities. Warriors, adventurers, and noble tribespeople all disappear into the water, never to return. Kahhori, guided by a mysterious figure, discovers her own latent powers and undergoes training to harness them.

Wahta embarks on a journey to save her people, returning to her world and striving to reach the upper edge of the key protocol. Alongside Kahhori, she faces numerous challenges, including the king who attacked her village. However, they soon disappear into the sky world. Kahhori courageously defends the people and creates a portal from the sky to the underground to ensure their safety.

The Conclusion of the Episode

In the finale, Kahhori made an appearance before the queen, seeking to make amends. However, before any resolution could be reached, the Strange Supreme appeared through a portal, introducing himself and inquiring about Kahhori’s whereabouts. And with that, the episode came to a close.

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