Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date: Crime series have always been a popular choice for viewers, but what sets Candice Renoir apart from the rest? This French show, first aired in 2013, quickly gained a loyal fanbase and has since been renewed for 11 seasons. But what makes it so appealing?

While it certainly has all the elements we love in a crime show – intense fights, challenging crime scenes, and clever detectives – Candice Renoir brings something extra to the table. In this article, we’ll explore what sets this show apart and why it’s become such a fan favorite.

We’ll delve into the show’s unique storyline and the talented team behind it. And for those eagerly awaiting its return, we’ll also discuss the show’s potential for renewal. So sit tight and stay connected with us as we bring you all the exciting details on Candice Renoir.

Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date

The last season of the beloved French series, Candice Renoir, aired in late 2023, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the show’s return. Despite rumors of its renewal, the show’s creators have yet to confirm whether or not a twelfth season is in the works. Fans remain hopeful, however, that new episodes will grace their screens soon. Until then, we can only wait and hope for positive news on the horizon.

What Has Been The Show All About?

Candice Renoir is a French show that follows the life of a small and sweet family, consisting of a couple and their four children. The husband was previously a job seeker, while the wife worked as a police interrogation officer. When her husband struggled to find work to support their family, the protagonist, Candice Renoir, took a ten-year leave from her job to travel to different countries like the US and Mexico to find a job for her husband.

Candice Renoir

Although this journey was aimed at the betterment of her family, it resulted in a reduced knowledge of police work. When her husband proved unproductive and inevitable, they decided to separate. Candice Renoir returned to France after ten years as a single parent with her four children and resumed her job as a police investigator officer.

However, it was not an easy journey for her. She had a tough time building good relationships with her senior colleagues, who were unhappy with her joining at such a high post. Her soft nature and lack of knowledge led to her being labeled “Barbie Doll” by her colleague. However, her determination to solve cases and achieve results won everyone’s hearts and respect.

Thus, Candice Renoir’s story is an inspiring one that highlights the importance of perseverance and determination in achieving success.

Cast & Characters Of The Show

This web show boasts a sizable list of characters, including the main cast. Cecile Bois stars as Candice Renoir, the protagonist of the show, while Raphael Lenglet portrays Antonie Dumas, the Police Captain, and Samira LAchhab takes on the role of Yasmine Attia, the Police Commissary. Additionally, the show features Candice’s eldest daughter, Emma Renoir, her second son, Jules Renoir, and her twin sons, Leo and Martin.

Where Is The Show Available?

Candice Renoir is streaming on France 2 Network for its fans to binge on.

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