Kim Baek Du In “Like Flowers In Sand” : “Like Flowers In Sand” is a romantic and inspirational Korean Netflix original series that is currently streaming. As of now, only four episodes are available. Introducing Kim Baek Du, the protagonist of “Like Flowers In Sand” series, portrayed by South Korean actor Jang Dong-yoon. Known for his leading roles in “In My Man Is Cupid” and other films, Jang Dong-yoon brings his acting prowess to the character of Kim Baek Du, playing lead roles exclusively.

Allow us to introduce you to Kim Baek Du, the inspirational Sserium Wrestler from “Like Flowers in Sand.” Following in his father’s footsteps, he works tirelessly day and night to establish his name and reputation. His father, the Emperor of Sserium, taught him the techniques necessary to progress through the ranks, including how to grab Satba and throw his opponents. Despite his father’s success, Baek Du lost his first match, but remained determined to succeed.

As a result, Baek Du experienced disappointment, leading him to make the decision to leave Sserium. The recently arrived girl identified as Oh Gyeong, but doubted by Kim who believes she is Su Dik, his childhood friend. In the conclusion of the second episode, she confesses to being Su Dik. In that moment, her significant other affectionately calls her “honey,” leaving Kim in utter confusion as she was his childhood love. Meanwhile, Kim has already suffered a defeat in a match, and now he is on the brink of losing his love as well.

Given these circumstances, how will Kim find the inspiration he needs? Upon learning that Kim is considering quitting Sserium, Su Dik becomes extremely upset. The following day, he discovers that she is set to become the general manager of the Sserium team he decided to leave.

Although Kim Baek Du may come across as sensitive, he has an underlying strength that is not easily apparent. The plot of the show will take various unexpected turns as we follow Kim’s journey. This is just the beginning of an intriguing story.

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