“Like Flowers in Sand” is a Korean romantic and inspirational drama series that is available on Netflix. The series has already streamed 4 episodes. While the show is in Korean, English subtitles are available for viewers. Here’s Like Flowers In Sand Episode 2 Recap, including a summary and an explanation of the ending.

Episode 2 commences with a flashback to the year 1992, providing a glimpse into the childhood of Kim and Du Sik. Kim exhibited fearlessness from an early age, and her bond with Du Sik was a source of immense joy. Upon encountering Du Sik again, Kim’s happiness was palpable. Despite popular belief that Su Dik was a man, the revelation from the previous year’s Sserium Champion shattered that assumption, revealing Oh Du Sik to be a girl.

However, when Kim encountered a girl claiming not to be Du Sik, Kim remained steadfast in her conviction. Meanwhile, the police continued their investigation into a case involving a person who had died in a car and drowned in water. Champions and coaches engaged in discussions about the upcoming match between Kim and Lim. During these deliberations, a champion expressed unease, stating that something felt off. Notably, the police officer had prior knowledge of Oh Du Sik.

In an attempt to verify the girl’s identity, the officer accompanied Kim, but they were unable to confirm her as Du Sik. The mystery surrounding the case deepened as the investigation unfolded.

Kim wanders through the town alone and runs into the previous year’s champion. They discuss the Sserium match that Kim lost. Meanwhile, the town’s women are abuzz over a newly arrived girl who Kim suspects might be Oh Du Sik.

Kim couldn’t stop thinking about Oh Du Sik when someone asked for her name. Feeling uneasy, she answered with Oh Yu Ggeyong and explained that she had relocated to the town for work. Despite being a civil servant, Kim found herself feeling uncomfortable as they continued to inquire about her personal life.

Police were actively searching for the culprit who pushed the car and caused the man’s untimely death. While questioning her, Kim asked the woman if she was Oh Du Sik, but she denied it. Kim also mentioned that he had retired from training the day before. Although her actions suggested that she might be Oh Du Sik, she refused to reveal her identity.

Kim couldn’t stop thinking about how she was the only one capable of being Du Sik. The newspaper editor approached the champion to inquire about the match and discuss the possibility of the team disbanding. The future of Baek Du was on the line.

Despite the editor’s suggestion that he should quit, Emperor Kim believed that he would become the next champion of Sserium. He went back to Geosan Ring, searching for something in secret. During his visit, an extraordinary event occurred – Kim was surprised to see Oh Yu Gyeong as the general manager of his team.

Despite the trolling and criticism that she faced regarding her gender and knowledge of Sserium, this woman proved to be a great player. She was familiar with every move of the game, and her skills were undeniable. Her passion for the game led her to meet with the coach on the field.

Kim was heading home, and although Oh Yu Gyeong had made some headway, she kept it to herself. Kim then returned to the ground to train with his father, who was introducing him to new techniques. Despite the challenges of mastering satba, Kim’s father remained determined to teach him. Even though Kim kept falling, his father did not give up on him and continued to motivate him.

Baek-Du lay crying on the ground after his failure, while Yu Gyeong watched on. However, there is still one individual who has yet to make an appearance – a man wearing a white shirt who arrived in town in a luxury car.

Gyeong exerted considerable effort to convince Kim not to resign from Sserium. However, a surprising turn of events unfolded in the climax of the second episode when the individual in the white T-shirt unexpectedly referred to Gyeong as “Honey.” This revelation prompted Kim to recall her previous inquiry about whether she was Su-Dik or not. Although she had confirmed being Su-Dik earlier, the sudden appearance of the guy in the white T-shirt added a new layer of complexity to the situation.

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In this article, we’ve recapped and analyzed Episode 2 of “Like Flowers in Sand”. We would love to hear your thoughts on the show! Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section.


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