“Like Flowers In Sand” is a Netflix original Korean teen drama series, with two episodes currently streaming, and new episodes released weekly. Here’s Like Flowers In Sand Episode 1 Recap, including a summary and an explanation of the ending.

Introducing the first episode, which features the 1989 New Year Slam Competition and a thrilling Ssireum match. The lead character of the show, Kim Baek Du, is shown preparing for the match with great focus and determination.

While at the practice ground, the trainer noticed a man who caught his interest. Impressed by the man’s confidence as he worked at the parking point, the trainer thought he would be a great candidate for a job interview. However, after his shift, the man made his way home and ended up drinking too much. In his inebriated state, he fell on the road and drifted into a dream about his childhood. Thankfully, he made it home safely, thanks to the help of a kind stranger.

On the same morning, a man named Choi Chil Seong passed away in a car accident after falling into the water while drinking. The following day, Kim Baek Du received news that he was rescued by the police the previous night, as they assisted him in returning home.
As the competitors drew numbers to determine the order of bouts, Baek Du trained hard for his upcoming match. Meanwhile, the police conducted an investigation into the death of Choi Chil Seong, searching for clues to determine what happened. According to rumors, he was chatting with someone on the phone while driving.

After returning home, Baek Du was the only one still reflecting on the match, while the others quickly moved on. The following day, a girl arrived in town by bus, and her presence immediately caught everyone’s attention. Meanwhile, the invitation for the next match had been widely circulated, and Kim engaged in a conversation with his coach. Encouraged by the coach’s words, “You can be the next champion,” Kim felt a newfound sense of self-confidence.

Kim Tae Baek, also known as the Emperor of Ssireum, has inspired Kim Baek Du to work hard for his upcoming match. Meanwhile, a young woman was discovered smoking alone near the lakeside during a nighttime police patrol. As the match approached, Champion Kim Tae Baek arrived, drawing a large crowd of spectators. Eventually, it was time for Kim Baek Du’s match to begin.

During the Blue vs. Red fight, Kim, who was representing the Blue team, faced off against Lim Dong Seok. Kim’s coach advised him to hold the Satba tightly in order to secure a win. Notably, Kim hailed from the Blue Satba.

The match continued as Kim put all his efforts into Round 2 and emerged victorious. Round 3 brought about an unexpected turn of events when both wrestlers fell to the floor simultaneously, leading the referee to request a video review of the round. After the judges reviewed the footage, Red Satba was declared the winner.

Kim was looking very sad after the match, Baek Du gets back home. One girl also arrives at his place and throws him. Baek Du was remembering something, and Oh Du Sik was the same girl he was thinking about. She arrives at his place, and the episode 1 ends.

After the match, Kim appeared despondent. Baek Du returns home, where a girl confronts him. While reminiscing about something from his past, Baek Du realizes that the girl he is speaking with is Oh Du Sik. Episode 1 concludes with her arrival at Baek Du’s place.

In the first episode only, we can see the identity of Oh Du Sik.

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