Kubra Series Episode 2 Recap: The Turkish original mystery drama series offered by Netflix follows the story of an ex-military man who receives unexpected messages from Kubra via a religious social media platform. Episode two begins with Gokhan suddenly finding himself in an unfamiliar, dark desert. Suddenly, his whole body disappears into the ground, except for his head.

In a mysterious ambiance, he sees visions of his mother, his sister Gulcan, and his girlfriend Merve, all dressed in black and wandering around the desert. After these visions, he awakens to discover that it was all a strange and unexplained dream.

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Gokhan’s Search for Answers

Gokhan emerged from his room and began gathering information about Kubra, using a manila envelope to store his findings. Just then, he received a text message from her. It contained an intriguing message: “The Grateful: The parable of Noah’s test through his son.” Gokhan, curious, opened his computer and began researching the meaning behind those words.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Gokhan’s mother answered it and found Merve, his girlfriend, standing outside. She expressed her concern for Gokhan’s well-being following his retirement from military service.

Meanwhile, Gokhan continued to investigate the meaning behind the messages he had received. Another text arrived, this one stating: “Messengers are tested through their beloved, the word of God spread through suffering.” Gokhan was shaken by these words and asked God if he was going to be tested through his loved ones. The response he received on his phone only heightened his sense of worry; it was undoubtedly a test of his loyalty to God through his loved ones.

Concerns about Gokhan’s Wellbeing and Family Issues

Merve visited Gokhan to check on his health, but noticed that something was off with his mental state. She encouraged him to come out with her to change his mood, but during his nap, Merve expressed her concerns to his mother about Gokhan’s condition. Although Merve remained optimistic, Gokhan’s mother and sister still worried about him and his sister, Gulcan.

Kubra Series Episode 2 Recap
Kubra Series Episode 2

The conversation shifted to past memories of Gokhan’s father and his death, which led to emotional outbursts and arguments among the family. Despite their efforts to heal as a family, tensions continue to rise with daily quarrels. To make matters worse, Gulcan has developed a smoking addiction, which his mother has been unable to control.

A Conversation with Salih and a Visit to the Watch Shop

Gokhan caught up with his colleague Salih at the workshop. They discussed recent events after receiving messages from Kubra. Salih believed that Kubra was just a girl having an affair with Gokhan. Gokhan was infuriated by this assumption and argued that Kubra was not human and beyond human. Meanwhile, Gulcan went to a watch shop to retrieve her father’s timepiece, which she keeps with her to feel his presence at all times.

A Family’s Desperate Situation

Gokhan prayed to Allah for help and guidance as he struggled to come to terms with his condition. Meanwhile, his sister Kubra reached out to him with a new location and invited him to join her. He found himself on the rooftop of an old building, where he saw his sister smoking a cigarette, on the brink of taking her own life. As he watched, a sudden voice note from his father on Gulcan’s phone changed everything.

Emotional Reunion After Hearing Father’s Voice

As soon as they heard their father’s voice, both of them were overcome with emotion, filling their eyes with tears and embracing each other. The episode concluded with Gokhan sharing with his family, girlfriend, and friend gathered in his home that he has been having conversations with Allah.

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