My Demon Episode 4 Recap: In the last episode, we saw Doo Hee propose to Jeong at a funeral, which left everyone in shock. Jeong declined the proposal after receiving an engagement ring from Doo Hee. Following this, the episode title “Sweet But Dangerous” appeared.

After returning home, Doo Hee’s family was greeted with disappointment. The chairwoman’s real daughter was afraid after learning that she was not the rightful heir to the property. Meanwhile, the chairwoman’s son, who was apparently scheming something big, was left with nothing in his inheritance.

Jeong drops Doo Hee off at her house, and her brother inquires about the chairwoman’s whereabouts. Doo Hee confides that the chairwoman was killed due to an audit, and she is still trying to uncover the real culprit. She also reveals that Jeong had saved her on multiple occasions, which is why she hired him as her bodyguard.

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Doo Hee suddenly finds herself thrust into the spotlight when her marriage proposal to Jeong goes viral on the news. News articles start flooding in from different sources, catching her completely off guard and leaving her in shock. Meanwhile, Jeong’s theater artist pays him a visit brandishing a sword, vehemently expressing her intention to harm Doo Hee.

Following a news article, Doo Hee and Jeong arrange a secret meeting to avoid public scrutiny. Although they have differing perspectives, Jeong tries to convince Doo Hee that happiness isn’t the sole purpose of life.

Doo Hee Receives Madam Ju’s Letter

Doo Hee receives a letter from Madam Ju and brings it to the police station. Despite giving her family a consent letter, they tear it apart, leaving her feeling dejected. Madam Ju assures Doo Hee that she will be successful with or without her, and they visit her grave together.

Jeong’s Close Call and Mysterious Disappearance

After a restaurant fight, Jeong’s life was in danger, leading him to appear as a young master in a dreamlike state. Jeong and Doo Hee work together as bodyguards, and she seeks his help in finding Madam Ju’s killer. Suddenly, they vanish from the office and go to Jeong’s place.

A group of individuals continue their search for Jeong, who they believe to be the bodyguard of Doo Doo Hee. Meanwhile, Madam Ju is shown giving orders, and a man in a black coat makes an appearance, his face obscured.

Later, Jeong and Doo Doo Hee attend a party, where Jeong takes her hand and she blushes. This gesture doesn’t go unnoticed by the artist who works for Jeong, who becomes jealous. When the two leave for home, the group of people searching for Jeong finally finds him and begins to beat him. He manages to escape, leaving Doo Doo Hee frantically trying to reach him by phone.

Madam Ju’s son was on the brink of taking some drastic action. In the midst of the tension, Jeong engaged in a brawl with a group of thugs, displaying his formidable abilities. However, the situation took a grim turn as they struck him with a metal rod, causing his head to bleed. Just when things seemed dire, Doo Hee emerged on the scene and intervened to rescue Jeong from harm. Initially reaching for what she thought was a pistol to protect him, it turned out to be a spray pistol. Undeterred, she rushed to Jeong’s side to provide assistance.

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As soon as he touched Doo Doo Hee’s tattoo, Jeong’s bleeding stopped. Together, they began a passionate tango dance, while the goons watched in awe of Jeong’s newfound power. It turns out that all of Jeong’s powers are contained within Doo Hee’s tattoo. As they danced, they also fought off the goons who came to challenge them.

And with that, My Demon Episode 4 came to a close.


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