My Happy Ending Episode 1 Recap: If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, then “My Happy Ending” is a must-watch series that is currently available in Korean with English subtitles. Before diving into the show, be sure to check out the recap for more Korean dramas to watch!

In Episode 1, the series begins with a flashback of Jae Won – someone in a black hoodie with a black cap throws her into a lake and she begins to drown. The next scene shows Jae Won doing carpentry work – she’s the CEO of a furniture brand.

Arriving at the office, Jae approaches Kwon, who is engrossed in discussing the color scheme for furniture in Jae’s company. Meanwhile, back at home, Heo and Ah Rin eagerly await Jae’s return, as they plan to celebrate her father’s birthday. Ah Rin is particularly thrilled about the upcoming festivities.

In the midst of all this, Seo Jae Won engages in an interview with reporters, candidly sharing insights into her life. Upon returning to the office, she actively seeks out Yoon. However, upon reviewing Yoon’s product, Seo expresses her dissatisfaction, stating that the company is allocating excessive funds to marketing. When reporters inquire about her most challenging moments, Seo responds, addressing their questions with poise.

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In the upcoming scene, Seo can be seen frantically running throughout the office. She is being chased by a man wearing a black hoodie who appears to be intent on causing her harm. Sadly, there is nobody around to assist her in her struggle. Seo is understandably frightened and worried for her safety.

At one point, the man carrying a hammer enters Seo’s cabin. Fortunately, an unknown hero enters the room, causing the man to flee in terror. Despite searching for him, he remains out of sight.

My Happy Ending Episode 1 Recap

Seo promptly reports the incident to officials and sends Yoon to take her place at the conference. As Seo exercises, she can’t help but recall the traumatic memory of the man in the black hoodie.

During an SEO meeting, a man named Nam Tae Joo disclosed that he had sold a $500 million insurance policy to someone under the name of Seo’s mother. Nam Tae Joo was an inspector for Hyeonwon Life Insurance and had suspicions about Jae’s father, Mr. Seo, who had collected on the insurance.

In the first episode, Seo makes a phone call to inquire if smartwatches can be tracked. After learning that they can, she receives the location and discovers something devastating. The event leaves her feeling overwhelmed, and when questioned by Yoon, she replies with a sharp question of her own.

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Later, Seo is found wandering the streets in tears and under the influence of alcohol. As she stumbles along, a car nearly strikes her, but a mysterious figure in a black hoodie comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, Seo can’t save her hero and is soon pulled from the water by the police.

Heo arrives at the hospital and is met by Yoon, who is already there. Jae’s father also makes an appearance, and the episode ends with Jae sobbing in her hospital bed.


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