Night Has Come Episode 8 Recap: “Night Has Come” is a highly-anticipated and top-rated horror-thriller drama series that has been receiving widespread love from viewers worldwide. The show’s unique survival genre is a rarity, and has particularly attracted a devoted audience.

Kyung Jun kills one more student, and the previous episode ends. Do check out the previous episode recaps too to know more about the show.

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In the episode’s opening, Kyung and his friend return. Although Cha Yu Jun had acquired the ability of a doctor, Kyung had already taken his life. Kim Jun Hee was protected by Cha Yu Jun’s ability, which nobody knew about as he used it for her sake. Yoon Seo’s deep affection for Kim Jun Hee was the reason for using this ability to keep her safe.

Gathering at the site where Cha Yu Jun met his unfortunate end, everyone took stock of the somber scene. Yoon Seo, determined to unravel the mystery, snapped pictures of the area, including the bloodstains. Upon closer inspection, she identified the brick that had been used to inflict the fatal blow on his head. To add to the intrigue, a member of the police force showcased their investigative prowess, shedding light on the involvement of the mafia in the unfolding events.

Yoon Seo is determined to share the truth about Yun Ju’s murderer. She uses footprints to prove her theory, stating that the owner of a particular shoe must be the culprit. The evidence points to Jun’s friend, but further investigation reveals that Jun and Jin Ha were the actual perpetrators. When Jin Ha confesses, Jun becomes enraged and begins to attack him. The altercation is interrupted by Jin Hee, who ends up in a fight with both men.

At 11 pm, everyone gathered together to decide whom to vote for – Jin Ha or Jun. When Kim approached Jin Ha with the phone to cast his vote, Jin Ha ended up voting for Kyung Jun instead. Unanimously, everyone else voted for Jun.

Kyung Jun’s strategy included the use of police stickers. Kim So Mi inquired about the keys from Jun, and they successfully located them. However, their victory was short-lived as Jun found himself confined to a room. The voting concluded, with Jin Ha receiving the highest number of votes and facing execution, only to reveal he was an innocent citizen.

Jun, consumed by the intense situation, began assaulting another student. Abruptly, an alarm sounded, causing everyone to lose consciousness.

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In this particular scene, one student is revealed to be a part of the mafia. Suddenly, another student, Jun, tries to confront the mafia member but faints in the process. As Jun falls, it is revealed that the person he was fighting against was actually the mafia member. The episode then comes to a close.


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