“Onmyoji” Episode 7 Recap: Previously, we have shared with you the enchanting story of the princess in the first six episodes. Now, we delve into Episode 7, aptly titled “Liveliness.” Here’s a quick rundown of the episode and its conclusion.

In the beginning of Episode 7, two children approach Lord Seimei, and the intro sequence follows. One of the children rushes out of Seimei’s house, leaving Hiromasa feeling uneasy upon seeing the child outside.

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Seimei shares with Hiromasa about some rare sutras he received from India. He then reveals that there will be a special event happening at Kamo River the next day, and the boy asks for help from Hiromasa and Keimei.

Keimei was busy tallying the number of strange creatures he had come across – a whopping 262 – when he realized how peculiar the situation was. In the meantime, Princess Tysukuko paid him a visit to feed the insects, accompanied by Kuromaru. Later that evening, Atsumi joined them, and they all enjoyed some drinks together. However, Seimei was still grieving over Tadami Mibu’s loss. As fate would have it, Hiromasa accidentally stepped on one of the insects, leaving a mark on his leg that read “Emptiness.”

While conducting research on a sutra they obtained from India, Seimei and Hiromasa discovered something remarkable. This particular sutra, which originated from Mahayana Buddhism, contained two words that appeared 21 times throughout the text. However, in a surprising turn of events, these words inexplicably began to vanish, leading to widespread shock and concern.

Seimei is an expert on Buddhism, while Hiromasa shares his incredible talent in playing the flute. To top it off, Hiromasa even entertained everyone with a live performance.

During their conversation, Hiromasa and Seimei discuss their lives, but Hiromasa dozes off. The following day, the pair finds themselves on a bridge, gazing out at a stunning sea creature – a Mother Dragon. The sight is breathtaking. Suddenly, a demon appears in the darkness, the same one from Episode 6.

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The demon adopts the identity of Seimei Abe, emanating a formidable presence. He deftly removes an insect from his hand, directing it into Seimei’s mouth, causing her to lose consciousness. This intense development marks the perilous climax of the episode, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Episode 7 concludes with this gripping cliffhanger.


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