“Onmyoji” Anime Episode 9 Recap: After an intense cliffhanger in Episode 8 where Seimei was left shivering, fans are eagerly waiting to find out what happens next. In this episode, we will delve into the details of Episode 9, which is entitled “A Contest of Magic At The Imperial Court.”

Episode 9 of the series begins with the same demon that previously attempted to kill Seimei. A recap of the end of Episode 7 is provided, where Seimei faints. The episode starts with a shock when Lord Atsumi utters the words, “If only he didn’t exist” before the intro plays.

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When Hiromasa tried to save Seimei, his efforts were successful, and Seimei was finally healed. However, after praying for Seimei’s recovery, Hiromasa had to pay a steep price. Despite this, he never mentioned his prayer to anyone. Seimei went on to explain about the Nanamori Demon, cautioning that it was a tricky type of demon, and he would show no mercy to it.

In the episode, the Princess voices her suspicions about Lord Yasunori being the Nanamori demon. However, it is later revealed that it was actually Lord Atsumi who was responsible for the mysterious occurrences.

When rumors began to circulate about Lord Seimei being cursed, he was called upon to appear before the Emperor. Despite the entire court placing the blame solely on him, Lady Doman appeared and took over the situation. Her knowledge of the demon at the heart of the issue proved to be invaluable.

As both Doman and Seimei display their powers, they must join together to fight off a demon that threatens Seimei’s life. In a terrifying spectacle, demonic faces emerge from the shadows, shocking and scaring the court jury. Seimei creates a magical barrier to protect everyone from the demons. Working in tandem, Doman and Seimei defeat the evil spirits. Despite their victory, Hiromasa remains uncertain after witnessing Yasunori’s actions.

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Episode 9 concludes with Doman revealing that Seimei and Hiromasa received assistance from her. Meanwhile, Atsumi played the flute in the darkness with Hiromasa and the other demon listening intently.


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