Tourist Places In Hisar: Located on National Highway No.10, 164 kilometers west of Delhi, Hisar is a vital city in North India. Its name, which means “Fort” in Arabic, was given by its founder, Muslim ruler Firozshah Tughlaq in 1354 A.D. The original name of the city was ‘Hisar Firoza’ or the ‘Fort of Firoz’. However, over time, the name was shortened to ‘Hisar’.

Hisar is home to significant archaeological sites, including Agroha, Banawali and Kunal, which were pre-Harappan settlements and provide insight into prehistoric times. The city’s fort also houses the pillar belonging to Emperor Ashoka of 234 A.D. from Agroha, and coins of Kushan Kings, which shed light on crucial aspects of ancient India.

Hisar is a city located in the north-western state of Haryana in India. It is known for its rich history and culture, which make the city a popular destination for tourists. If you are planning a trip to Hisar, here are some of the must-visit tourist places in Hisar that you should include in your itinerary. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or a seeker of divine experiences, Hisar has something to offer for everyone.

Hisar At A Glance

Location: Hisar is 164 km west of Delhi & located on the National Highway No. 10 Delhi-Sirsa Highway

Linking Roads: Hisar is also connected to Ambala-Hisar Highway on NH – 65.

How To Reach

By Air: Indira Gandhi International airport (IGI) is the closest airport to the town, located about 177 km away. For more information on flights, please contact the relevant airlines.

By Rail: The town is well-connected by rail, with Hisar Junction being a major railway station. Two important trains that stop here are the Haryana Express and Kisan Express.

For railway enquires, please dial 139.

By Bus: If you’re traveling to the town from Delhi, Chandigarh or Rajasthan, there are frequent bus services available from Hisar.

For enquiries related to Haryana bus services, please dial 01662-233285.

Best Tourist Places In Hisar

Feroze Shah Palace Complex

This historical palace complex was built in the 14th century and is home to many monuments and structures of historical significance. The palace complex is renowned for its unique architecture and is a popular destination for photography enthusiasts.

feroze shah palace in hisar

Gujari Mahal

Firoz Shah Tughlaq, enamored by the stunning Gujri Rani during one of his hunting trips, commissioned the construction of Gujjari Mahal. The palace boasts of Tughlaq architecture, which includes massive tapering walls coated with lime plaster and narrow openings. A baradari (pavilion) sits atop a high plinth and can be accessed via an open staircase. The square structure is equipped with three developed arches on each side and features stone doorframes on all entrances except one. The roof has nine bays, each adorned with a hemispherical dome and paneling work in lime plaster. The exterior walls above the arched openings are embellished with exquisitely carved red sandstone brackets.

gujari mahal

Lat Ki Masjid

Lat Ki Masjid, a mosque constructed by Firoz Shah Tughlaq (1351-88 AD), boasts a fascinating blend of Tughlaq architecture. The mosque is comprised of various structures, including an L-shaped ablution tank and a Lat (Pillar). It is constructed with red and buff sandstone, as well as rubble masonry with thick plaster. The stone pillars with floral and geometrical designs carved on them, possibly taken from destroyed Hindu temples, support the main arched openings of the mosque. The main prayer hall features nine bays with arches supported on pillars, a carved qibla and a pulpit in the western wall. The mosque is named after the sandstone Lat found in the north-eastern courtyard, which is part of an Ashokan pillar. Mauryan Brahmi script can be seen at the top of the Lat, while the names of a few individuals/pilgrims are inscribed on the lower portion on a subsequent date.

lat ki masjid

Blue Bird Lake

If you are a nature lover, then Blue Bird Lake is a must-visit place for you. This beautiful lake is surrounded by lush greenery and is home to many species of birds. You can also indulge in boating and fishing activities at the lake.

blue bird lake tourist places in hisar

Jindal Park

Nature lovers, rejoice! Jindal Park is a serene haven that offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With well-manicured lawns, a shimmering lake, and walking trails, this park is perfect for a leisurely day out with family or friends. Enjoy a boat ride on the lake and soak in the tranquility.

jindal park hisar

St. Thomas Church

This is a beautiful church located in the heart of Hisar city. The church is known for its stunning architecture and is a popular destination for tourists seeking peace and solitude.

st. thomas church in hisar

Tosham Hill

Situated on the outskirts of Hisar, Tosham Hill is a popular destination for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. The hill offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape and is a perfect getaway for adventure seekers.

Agroha Dham

This is a popular religious destination located in the nearby town of Agroha. The temple complex is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Mahalaxmi and is known for its beautiful architecture and religious significance.

agroha dham tourist places in hisar

Ancient Mound, Agroha

Agroha, a city located on the ancient trade route between Taxila and Mathura, was an important center for trade and politics. It was also believed to be the capital of Maharaja Agrasena of the Agrawal community. The city was a hub of activity until Hisar-e-Firoza (Hisar), a new township of Firoz Shah Tughlag, was established. Archaeological findings include a hoard of coins, including 4 Indo Greek, one punch-marked and another 51 coins of Agrodaka, which support the idea that Agroha was the headquarters of a Republic. The remains of a Buddhist stupa and a Hindu temple indicate a community that respected and coexisted with different religions. Additionally, baked brick houses were discovered, revealing residential and community dwellings.

Devi Bhawan Mandir

For a touch of divinity, visit Devi Bhawan Mandir, a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. The vibrant architecture and spiritual aura make it a popular pilgrimage spot. The temple comes alive during festivals, attracting devotees from far and wide.

Jahaj Kothi : Tourist Places In Hisar

The Jahaj Kothi building was originally built by George Thomas, an Irish native and the unofficial ruler of the region between Sirsa and Rohtak. Its isolated location gives the impression of a ship on the ocean surrounded by open space. The name of the building came about as a progressive distortion of the word ‘George’ to ‘Jahaj’ over time.

In the early 19th century, James Skinner, a notable name in the British Government, took control of the territory after George’s defeat. He used the Jahaj Kothi as his residence before constructing his own palace in Hansi. This monument stands as an excellent example of pre-British architecture during a transitory phase.

Barsi Gate

Among the five gates that once surrounded the walled city of Hansi, only one remains standing today as a magnificent example of ancient architecture. Sultan Alaud-din Khilji built this pointed arch gate in 1303 AD, as indicated by the Persian inscription. Later, during the reign of Ibrahim Lodhi in 1522 AD, the gate was restored to its original grandeur. This gateway, standing over 30 meters tall, served as the main entry point to Hansi in ancient times.

barsi gate tourist places in hisar

Asigarh Fort : Tourist Places In Hisar

Asigarh Fort, also known as Hansi Fort, stands as a testament to the valor and strategic acumen of the rulers of Hansi. Explore its massive walls, bastions, and gateways that once guarded the city. The panoramic views from the fort provide a glimpse into the historical significance of this ancient stronghold.

asigarh fort hisar

Ancient Site of Rakhigarhi

Rakhigarh is among the five largest townships of Harappan civilization on the Indian subcontinent. The other four are Harappa, Mohenjodaro, and Ganveriwala in Pakistan, and Dholavira (Gujarat) in India. The site is made up of five interconnected mounds that span a vast area. Of the five, two were densely populated. Shri Amarendra Nath of the Archaeological Survey of India conducted the excavation at the site.

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In conclusion, Hisar is a city that has a lot to offer to tourists. These are just a few of the many tourist places that you can visit in the city. So, pack your bags and head out to explore the rich history and culture of Hisar.


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