Tourist Places In Rewari Haryana: Rewari is a city steeped in history and culture, known for its Yaduvanshi Ahirs/Yadavas heritage. The ancient city is prominently featured in Indian epics like the Rigveda and Mahabharata, and was once called Brahmvarta – a hub of Vedic Sanskriti.

Legend has it that during the Mahabharata era, a king by the name of Rewat had a daughter named Rewati, whom he fondly called Rewa. When Rewati married Balram, Krishna’s elder brother, the father founded a city named Rewa Wadi after her and gifted it to her. Over time, the name evolved to Rewari.

It’s also worth noting that Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, the last Hindu emperor of the medieval era, hailed from Rewari. The king, also known as Hemu, won 22 battles against Afghans and Mughals, cementing his place in history.

Embark on a journey with us and explore the captivating tourist destinations of Rewari. This lesser-known gem offers a unique blend of historical monuments, heritage railways, and tranquil retreats, each with its own distinctive charm. Join us on this virtual tour and see what makes Rewari so special and let us have a look at the tourist places in Rewari, Haryana.

Rewari At A Glance

Location: Rewari is situated at the 82nd kilometer milestone in the south-western direction of the National Capital Delhi, along the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway No. 8. Its borders are shared with Jhajjar district in the north, Mahendergarh district in the west, and Gurgaon district in the east and northeast directions. In the southeast, Rewari meets with Alwar district of Rajasthan.

Linking Roads: Rewari is 80 kilometers away from Delhi, situated on the National Highway No. 71. It can also be accessed from the Delhi Jaipur National Highway No. 8 through NH-71.

How To Reach Rewari Haryana

By Air: The nearest airport is 80 kms. away at New Delhi.

By Rail: Rewari has a well-connected rail network. For Railway Enquiry Dial 139.

By Bus: Haryana Roadways buses link Rewari to other city of Haryana and Delhi.

Must-visit Tourist Places In Rewari Haryana

The Red Mosque

Also referred to as Lal Masjid, this exquisite monument was constructed under the Mughal emperor during Akbar’s reign. Located near the Old Court, it is considered one of the most beautiful historical landmarks in the city.

the red mosque Tourist Places In Rewari

Baag Wala Talab

Baag Wala Talab, located near the old tehsil office of Rewari, was constructed by Ram Ahir, son of Rao Gujjarmal. Although it is currently dry, it remains an important historical landmark.

baag wala talab Tourist Places In Rewari

Bada Talab

Also known as Rao Tej Singh Talab, Bada Talab was constructed between 1810-1815 by Rao Tej Singh and is located near the old Town Hall of Rewari. This pond is filled by rainwater or canal through underground inlets and features separate bathing areas for males and females. Visitors can also explore the nearby Lord Hanuman temple situated on the pond’s bank, which is a popular destination for worshippers.

bada talab in rewari

The Ghanteshwar Mandir

This three-story temple is a unique find, nestled in the heart of the city. It’s one of the few temples that belong to Sanatan Dharma, and features statues of all the Gods and Goddesses associated with this religion. A popular destination among devotees, this temple is definitely worth a visit.

Bhagwati Bhakti Ashram

Apart from the famous Bhagwati Bhakti Ashram in Rampura, Rewari, the rural areas of the town are home to several other noteworthy sites. These include the temple of Baba Bheron Nath at Khol, temple of Swamy Sharananad at Darauli, ashram of Baba Purshotam Dass at Balwari village, temple of Baba Raghunath at Sangwadi village and temple of Baba Mohan Dass at village Bharawas.

Fort of Bawal : Tourist Places In Rewari

Bawal is a charming town located in the Rewari district, just off the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway. The town originally belonged to the Jhajjar princely state until the mutiny of 1857. Subsequently, Bawal came under the control of the Nabha chief, Hira Singh, who erected a fort in the area in 1875. The fort was made using slate and stone masonry and boasts three-sided walls and a rear gateway that remain in satisfactory condition.

fort of bawal

Tombs of Turkiawas

A common trend among Indian rulers was to grant jagirs to faithful officials. One such instance is the Saiyads of Turkiawas village, who received a jagir consisting of six villages surrounding their own. The Saiyads constructed four remarkable tombs near the Turkiawas village; although the structures were formerly grand, they now lie in a state of abandonment.

tomb of turkiawas

Final Words

Rewari is a unique destination that offers much more than the usual tourist hotspots. With its rich history, spiritual significance, and natural beauty, this place has something for everyone. From enchanting heritage railways and historical monuments to peaceful ashrams and tranquil lakes, Rewari has it all. Embark on a journey filled with heritage and timelessness as you explore the diverse tourist places in Rewari that await you in Rewari, using this guide as your invitation.

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